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Improving Oral Health — And Quality of Life

As oral health students and professionals, we use our talent and expertise to promote oral health awareness, and improve access to dental care throughout our communities. At a typical event we might provide children and parents with free toothbrushes, toothpaste and floss, and teach them about the importance of preventative care.

In addition, we actively look for ways to be of service in other areas. For example, our dental students have worked with a local shelter for domestic violence victims, so students know what to look for in cases of domestic violence.

In many cases, the people we see would not have access to dental services without our presence.

A Local, National and International Impact

At UB, our outreach programs address all of our communities, including:

  • The University at Buffalo community
  • The City of Buffalo
  • The Buffalo-Niagara region
  • Underserved communities throughout the United States, and around the world

We go where we are needed, whether it’s a local school or mall right here in Buffalo — or a village halfway around the world.

Many alumni also volunteer their time to provide community outreach through the School of Dental Medicine, and in their own personal communities.

Preparing Students to Become Global Citizens

Community outreach helps dental students learn how to work with diverse populations, while reinforcing the importance of giving back. Our students receive specific training in outreach, and can also choose to participate in additional activities.

At UB, dental students:

  • Take a community dentistry class
  • Have hundreds of opportunities for outreach throughout the year
  • Work with a diverse population, including children, adolescents, seniors, immigrants, refugees, those from rural communities, and those with unmet needs

Through these diverse opportunities, students gain valuable experiences and insight that will serve them — and their communities — throughout their careers.

More Experience for Students

Students perform 30-60 extractions and up to 25 restorations in a week on some of our BOCA trips to underserved communities around the world.

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