Strategic Priorities 2020

Clinic Operations

15% Complete

Goal: Improve Clinic Efficiency

Goal: Improve Student Clinical Experience

Goal: Improve Clinic Finances

Goal: Regulatory

Goal: Hire to create efficiencies and boost morale

Communications/ Marketing

Goal: Enhance Overall visibility of the school

Goal: Enhance Internal Communication

Goal: Market clinical services

Goal: Market programs to increase and diversify enrollment

Goal: Market school activities to recruit and diversify faculty and staff


25% Complete

Goal: Coordination of multiple disciplines/IPE coordination-for treatment planning

Goal: Develop student quality/quantity of those interested in research

Goal: Integration of CMS into Clinic to maximize utility of CMS

Goal: New Programs

Goal: Update Advanced Ed curriculum

Goal: Faculty Staff Development


15% Complete

Goal: Create an educational/working environment that is supportive of diversity

Goal: Increase diversity among student body

Goal: Increase diversity with faculty and staff

Goal: Achieve and Assess cultural competence


40% Complete

Goal: Build infrastructure & capacity of research

Goal: Build faculty capacity to enhance research

Goal: Increase clinical research