2015 Application Deadlines

University at Buffalo
School of Dental Medicine
Student Research and Honors Program

Critical dates for SRH Summer Program 2014-2015

Chair: Dr. Mira Edgerton (edgerto@buffalo.edu); Co-Chair: Dr. Stefan Ruhl (shruhl@buffalo.edu)

Due Date


Submit by email to

Nov. 21, 2014

Submit Letter of Intent

(letter available at Student Research Group and Student Research Program websites)


Dean’s Office


Jan. 16, 2015

Submit Full Proposal

Mentor submission UBLearns

(Consult Student Research and Honors Guidelines 2012 for format and required components)


Dean’s Office


Feb. 24, 2015

Proposal Review by SRH committee

Results will be emailed to Students and Mentors by beginning of March



July 31, 2015

Summer Biomedical Student Research Day

Combined Summer research program for SDM, HWI, RPCI, CTRC, Biomedical Sciences, CLIMB UP