The goal of our strategic plan, Defining Excellence, is to provide the road map to move the University at Buffalo, School of Dental Medicine to even higher levels of national and international prominence. Under the leadership of Dean Glick, a graphic illustrator captured succinct feedback, which provided the school the flexibility to plan and respond to environmental changes during the coming years. To develop the road map, the group collected feedback from over 60 thought leaders throughout the dental school community during four Saturday sessions. 

Reflecting on our internal strengths and weaknesses, as well as our traditions and legacies, allowed us to redefine our Mission, Vision, and Core Values, while identify three important strategic directions. Details are included on the documents linked from this page.

More than mere latent documents, these planning efforts produced a common vision of excellence that is intended to support our mission while inspiring us to extend conventional boundaries through innovation and collaboration.  This strategic plan has afforded us a map to guide future initiatives and projects. It provides a blueprint on which to build and shape not only the education and training of our students but dental education in the United States and beyond. These are lofty goals but we're certain our faculty, staff, and alumni are up for the challenge.  We look forward to providing regular updates on our progress while celebrating the successes along the way - for it will be just a couple of years when what we have planted can be harvested and used for the benefit of any individual wanting to improve their health. 

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