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The Hard Charger Award!

We are in the hunt for our first “Hard Charger” awardee, and encourage you to nominate someone (or a group) for recognition on this page of the Research section of the School of Dental Medicine website.

The definition of a Hard Charger is given below and, while parts of the definition reflect a sense of humor about ourselves, we are sincere in our motivation to bring more public recognition of significant contributions to SDM's research mission by individuals and/or groups in the School of Dental Medicine or UB that may go unnoticed by university, regional, national, or international awards. It is our version of thinking globally, acting locally.

* “Hard Charger”… an individual or group of individuals that has outstanding productivity and team spirit in the pursuit of research excellence through their scientific, clinical, and/or administrative contributions.  Hard Chargers are known for their adaptability to different habitats, and often can be recognized by their animated pattern of speech and smiles when discussing their work.   They are sometimes mistaken for the Energizer Bunny(R), but closer inspection reveals that Hard Chargers do not have pink fur, have smaller ears, and usually do not beat a bass drum.

To nominate someone (or a group) for the Hard Charger Award, contact

         Anne E. Meyer, Ph.D.
         Associate Dean for Research

   with the following information [not to exceed one page, total]:

  • NOMINEE'S name/s
  • NOMINATOR'S name, e-mail address, and phone number
  • Proposed citation for the award [50 words or less]
  • Evidence of outstanding productivity and team spirit in pursuit of research excellence [i.e. additional supporting details]

There is no deadline for nominations. A new Hard Charger will be selected and recognized no less frequently than semi-annually, no more frequently than quarterly.