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Faculty Mentors

Faculty listed below have expressed interest in mentoring dental students for summer research (current as of October 14, 2008).

Antonson, Donald E. Professor; DDS, MEd, Loyola University, Chicago. In-vitro evaluation of dental biomaterials concerning wear, adhesion, polymerization, curing shrinkage, fluoride release, handling characteristics, fracture resistance, and ergonomics.

Bobek, Libuse. Professor; PhD, University at Buffalo. Antimicrobial activity and mechanism of action of salivary proteins/peptides; regulation of salivary gland-specific gene expression.

Bradford, Peter. Associate Professor; PhD, University of Rochester. How estrogens affect gene expression in bone and breast cancer.

Bush, Peter. Director, South Campus Instrument Center & Laboratory for Forensic Odontology Research; BS. General dental materials research, forensic dental research, bitemark analysis, geometric morphometrics of the dentition.

Cho, Moon-Il. Professor; PhD, SUNY Stony Brook. Dentinogenesis; regulatory mechanisms by which periodontal ligament fibroblasts differentiate into cementoblasts; development of an effective therapy capable of achieving periodontal regeneration.

DeNardin, Ernesto. Professor; PhD, SUNY Buffalo. Mechanisms by which chemoattractants or cytokines activate human neutrophils; characterization of various forms of periodontal disease as well as potential links between such disease and atheromatous cardiovascular disease.

Dziak, Rosemary. Professor; PhD, University of Rochester. Bone cell metabolism (bone resorption and formation) with specific emphasis on signal transduction mechanisms in osteoblastic cells.

Edgerton, Mira. Research Professor; DDS, Case Western Reserve University, Cleveland, Ohio; PhD, SUNY Buffalo. Innate immunity and antimicrobial defense mechanisms in the oral yeast, Candida albicans.

Genco, Robert J. Distinguished Professor; DDS, SUNY Buffalo; PhD, University of Pennsylvania. Host bacterial interactions in periodontal disease; risk factors for periodontal disease; effects of periodontal disease on systemic conditions (diabetes, cardiovascular and cerebrovascular disease).

Harasthy, Violet. Associate Professor; PhD, Hungary, DDS, University at Buffalo. Genetics and molecular biology of iron regulation in the periodontal bacterium, A.actinomycetemcomitans in vitro and in vivo. Clinical studies of halitosis.

Haase, Elaine M. Research Associate Professor; PhD, Department of Oral Biology. Interaction of dental plaque organisms and salivary components; interaction of bacterial pathogens with dental plaque; mechanisms of adhesion in oral bacteria; biofilm formation, mechanisms and regulations. Organisms are Streptococcus gordonii and Aggregatibacter actinomycetemcomitans.

LiChris (Chunhao). Assistant Professor; PhD, China CDC (Chinese Academy of Preventive Medicine). Basic biology and pathogenesis of pathogenic spirochetes, including Lyme disease and periodontal disease, using biochemical and genetic approaches.

Meyer, Anne. Research Associate Professor and Interim Associate Dean for Research; PhD, Lund University, Sweden. Currently, my biosurfaces and bioadhesion research focuses on tissue friction and tissue adhesives. We have an extensive background in physical/chemical aspects of biofouling and cell adhesion. Our main tools include comprehensive contact angle analyses, IR spectroscopy/microscopy, flow cells, and other surface analyses. More importantly, what are you curious about? If it is something that overlaps with our interests and capabilities, let's meet. Our laboratory is co-directed by Professor Baier (Oral Diagnostic Sciences; Director/Biomaterials Graduate Program). Most of our research is funded by industry, so the work translates quickly to real-world applications. Our grad students are international dentists, biologists, and mechanical engineers.

Ohrbach, Richard. Associate Professor; DDS, University of North Carolina; PhD, University at Buffalo. Multi-site studies regarding diagnostic systems for TMD; predictors of pain onset which includes genetics of pain, psychophysical pain measures, clinical examination data, comorbidity of other diseases, and psychological assessment; experimental studies of chewing function; clinical laboratory studies and field studies regarding measurement of physical functioning and disability.

Ruhl, Stefan. Assistant Professor; DDS, PhD, University of Regensberg, Germany. Research program examines oral infection and immunity with major emphasis on the adhesin-mediated interactions of oral bacteria with hose receptors. At present, the main aim of the lab is to identify proteins in saliva that serve as cognate receptors for adhesions of bacteria in the oral cavity. For more information, see Oral Biology.  

Russell, Michael. Professor; PhD, University of Redding (England). Mucosal immunology; functions of IgA, mucosal vaccine evelopment especially in relation to dental caries, periodontal disease, and gonorrhea; special emphasis on oral and nasal vaccination and mucosal immunity.

Scannapieco, Frank. Professor and Chair; DMD, University of Connecticut; PhD, SUNY Buffalo. Microbial colonization of the oral cavity (particularly) the binding of salivary amylase to S. gordonii); study of A. actinomycetemcomitans, a bacterium implicated in the pathogenesis of localized juvenile periodontitis; associations between oral health and respiratory disease.

Schifferle, Robert. Associate Professor; DDS, PhD, SUNY Buffalo. Bacterial polysaccharides and lipopolysaccharides of Porphyromonas gingivalis, bacterium implicated in periodontitis.

Sharma, Ashu. Associate Professor; PhD, Delhi University. Host-pathoen interactions with emphasis on microbial recognition by the host pattern-recognition receptors; molecular mechanisms underlying the pathogenesis of gum-disease (periodontitis) causing bacteria; development of bacterial vaccine vectors through genetic engineering of non-pathogenic oral streptococci.

Tezal, Mine. Assistant Professor; DDS, PhD, University at Buffalo, SUNY. Epidemiology of oral cancer and periodontal diseases.

Vickerman, Margaret. Associate Professor; DMD, Tufts University; PhD, University of Michigan. Streptococcal genetics and molecular mechanisms regulating gene expression; oral microbiology with a focus on the ecological aspects of endodontics.

Wang, Bing-Yan. Assistant Professor; DDS, PhD, University at Buffalo. Research focuses on oral microbiology and role of quorum sensing proteins in Streptococcalspecies.

Yang, Shuying. Assistant Professor; PhD, Forsyth Institute. Most skeletal diseases are due to excess osteoclastic activity leading to an imbalance in bone remodeling which favors bone resorption. Such diseases include osteoporosis, rheumatoid arthritis, multiple myeloma and metastatic cancers. Therefore, understanding the mechanisms of osteoclast and osteoblast differentiation and activation is critical for successful treatment of these diseases. The goal of my lab is to identify key molecules for bone resorption and bone formation to understand the molecular network of these molecules in bone metabolism and to gain better understanding the mechanisms of osteoclast and osteoblast differentiation and activation.