Workshops and Presentations


Promotion of Cells to Close Gaps and Encourage Cell Coverage, by RFGD treatment 
H. Ali, R. Baier, R. Dziak, S. Andreana 
Promotion of Cells to Close Gaps and Encourage Cell Coverage, by RFGD treatment 

Improving Articulating Surfaces for Temporomandibular Joint Implants 
Kent Harvey, Kimberley McGarrity, Mudita Mishra, Claire Sucharski Advisor: Dr. Robert E. Baier 
Improving Articulating Surfaces for Temporomandibular Joint Implants 


Recent Research on Combatting Ballast Water Biofilms 
Dean C. Lundquist, Robert E. Baier, Robert L. Forsberg, Anne E. Meyer 
Ballast Tank Biofilms Resist Water Exchange but Distribute Dominant Species 

Risks of Invasive Species Bioaerosols 
Dean C. Lundquist, Robert L. Forsberg, Ramon J. Cipriano, Robert E. Baier 
Mitigating the Risk of Bioaerosol Pollution from Ballast Tanks 

A special compound, originally invented in Sweden to remove dental plaque, also assists disinfection and Photodynamic Therapy in attacking periodontal biofilms by preferentially removing the bacteria’s surrounding slime
S.C. Rogers, T.S. Mang, S. Andreana, R.E. Baier
Influence of Biofilm Matrix Components on Resistance to Photodynamic Periodontal Disinfection 


Concerned about the loss of world-wide biodiversity, Center scientists are reducing ballast water biofilms in ships’ tanks
R.E. Baier, R.L. Forsberg, J.J. Zambon, A.E. Meyer
Ballast Tank Biofilms are Protected Reservoirs of Microspecies that Challenge Native Biodiversity 

Oral Biofilms in Deep, Dark Pockets can be Successfully Eradicated with a Combination of Chemistry and Light
Rogers, SC; Keinan, D; Baier, RE; Mang, T; Honma, K; and Sharma, A
Examination of periodontal pocket biofilm growth and effects of PDT for perio-infection control

From-the-Package Dental Implants can be Renewed for Clinical Use, by a Novel Re-Sterilization Technique
J. Al-Hashemi, R. E. Baier, S. Andreana, R. Dziak, L. Bairam
Out of Date Dental Implants: Surface Optimization and Re-Sterilization

Pre-Rinsing of Infected Wounds Removes Bacterial Slime Layers and Allows Disinfectants to Do Their Jobs Better
Skierczynski, A; Baier, R; Mikulski, L
Biofilm Release vs Disinfectant Approach to Infection Control

Overcoming “Dry Mouth” with a Natural Body Lubricant –Hyaluronan Solution
Elizabeth R. Hatton, Robert E. Baier, Michael N. Hatton
Evaluation of Hyaluronic Acid as a Xerostomia Relief Product


An Improved Design for Stomach-Wall Feeding Tubes for Babies
Santosh Rohit Yerrabolu, Joseph Mollendorf, Robert Baier, and Michael Caty
From the UB School of Engineering and Applied Sciences 
Consideration of an alternative design for a Percutaneous Endoscopic Gastrostomy Tube

Detecting and Identifying Foreign Materials in Tissue Biopsies
Jonathan Prindle, Robert E. Baier, and Alfredo Aguirre
Presented to the American Association for Dental Research 
Infrared Microscopy of Oral Tissues to Detect Foreign MaterialTube


Preventing seal leaks in moving biologically-fouled systems
Vincent L. Andolina and Robert E. Baier
From a presentation to the Great Lakes Research Consortium 
Influence of Elastomeric Seal Contact Surface Chemistry on Interface Integrity in Biofouling–Prone Systems

How the newest and best “artificial tears” formulations work 
Lindsay F. Springer, Robert E. Baier, Anne E. Meyer, Howard A. Ketelson, David L. Meadows 
Presented to the Society For Biomaterials 
HPGuar Provides a Synthetic Glycocalyx for Superior Tissue Lubrication

A New Way to Prevent Gum Disease 
Sharab, L., Mang, T., Ciancio, S., and Baier, R.
From the UB School of Dental Medicine 
Influence of Methylene Blue-Mediated Photodynamic Therapy on The Resistance to Detachment of Streptococcus MutansBiofilms from Titanium Substrata

Making Customized Jaw Joint Implants from Modern Structural Ceramics 
Sandeepan Dutta, Joseph Mollendorf, Robert Baier, and Bahattin Koc
From the UB School of Engineering and Applied Sciences 
Rapid Reconstruction of Temporomandibular Joint Using Ceramic Implants and Dental Adhesives

Improving the water wettability of Silicone Hydrogel contact lenses 
Jim Davis, Robert E. Baier, Anne E. Meyer, and Howard Ketelson
Presented to the Association for Research in Vision and Ophthalmology 
A New Mechanism for Facilitated Re-wetting of Silicone Hydrogel Contact Lenses


Introduction of the “eye comfort” solution now marketed as Systane Balance
R. Baier, A. Meyer, J. Prindle, M. Christensen, M. Senchyna, and H. Ketelson
Presented to the 6th International Conference on the Tear Film & Ocular Surface, Basic Science and Clinical Relevance 
Augmentation of the Tear Film Lipid Layer by a New Artificial Tear Emulsion

Hoping to overcome problems with "guessing" at what foreign-body inclusions are actually present in tissue biopsies, this work provides calibration data for authoritative identifications of those particles by infrared microspectrophotometry
Dania P. Wahl, Anne E. Meyer, Robert E. Baier
From the Great Lakes Research Consortium Student-Faculty Conference, Syracuse, NY, M 
Infrared Microscopic Identification of Particulate Inclusions in Thin Films and Tissue Sections 


From the Great Lakes Research Consortium Student-Faculty Conference, Syracuse, NY, March 2009, new research on prevention of fouling of UV water purification systems 
Evaluation of Fresh Water Fouling Films Formed During Germicidal-Ultraviolet Water Purification
......K. Ayling, A. Meyer, R. Baier


Guide Catheter SurfaceTreatment to Minimize Endovascular Trauma
......H. Rangwala, A. Meyer, S. Rudin, R. Baier

Abstract #99, A50, Transactions of the 33rd Annual Meeting, Society For
Biomaterials,USA, Volume XXXI, September 11-13, 2008, ISSN# 1526-7547, Copyright 2008 

Site-Specific Intimal Wall Forces During Guide and Stent Catheter Navigation
......R.Baier, A Sengupta, A. Meyer, S. Schafer, K. R. Hoffmann, T. Kesavadasl

Paper #102, A51, Transactions of the 33rd Annual Meeting, Society For
Biomaterials, USA, Volume XXXI, ISSN # 1526-7547, September 11-13, 2008, Copyright 2008 



EQS-STAR Center Videoconferencing and Webcasting Collaboration

Chandra P. Sharma Award Lecture 

Robert E. Baier Video Presentation

October 2005
Syracuse Symposium reviews SUNY Buffalo ongoing research to trace small particle paths and impacts,
with special reference to turbulent flows.


Syracuse Center of Excellence in Environmental and Energy Systems (


Conference in Syracuse


These topics were presented by IUCB's faculty, students, and industry collaborators at the October 2004 Syracuse Symposium on Environmental and Energy Systems.

Here are the PowerPoint presentation summaries, the first as a Poster and the next two as slide shows:
Fugitive Particulates in Medical Air 
Allergy Friendly Hotel Rooms 
Bioaerosols in Dental Clinics