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 Academics/TrainingOral Biology PhDCourses     September 19, 2014  


Required Courses:

Course Credits
PHI 640 Graduate Research Ethics (Spring) 2
ORB 519 Crit Anal Literat in Oral Biol (Fall) 1
ORB 520 Crit Anal Literat in Oral Biol (Spring) 1
ORB 651 Research, Laboratory Rotations variable
ORB 653 Thesis Guidance (last 2 semesters) 1
OS 518 Statistical Methods (Davis; Spring) 3
Oral Biology Seminar 0

Select FOUR of the following SIX core courses:

Course Credits
ORB 545 Dynamics of Bone (Dziak; Fall) 2
ORB 517 Oral Microbial Ecology (Li; alternate Springs) 2
ORB 510 Salivary Glands and Saliva (Bobek/Ruhl; alternate Falls) 2
ORB 500 Hard Tissue Engineering (Yang; alternate Falls) 2
ORB 531 Oral Immunology (DeNardin; Spring) 2
ORB 509 Biochem & Genetics Oral Dis (Sharma; Fall) 2

Select TWELVE CREDIT HOURS of biomedical science courses such as:

Course Credits
BMS 501 Cell Biology 1 (Fall) 4
BMS 505 Cell Biology 2 (Spring)
BMS 506 Cell Biology 2 (Spring) 2
MIC 501 Graduate Microbiology (Fall) 6
MIC 512 Fund Immunology (Spring) 4
BIO 500 Bioinformatics/Genome (Spring) 3
BIO 504 Advanced Molecular Biology/Genetics (Spring)
BCH 503 Biochemical Principles (Fall) 4
BCH 508 Gene Expression (Spring) 2
BCH/BIO 519 Introduction to Bioinformatics and Computational Biology (Halfon; Spring) 3

Elective Courses:

The student is free to choose graduate courses in their area of interest in order to fulfill the 72 credit hour requirement.  Examples listed below.

Course Credits
BCH 507 Protein Struct/Function (Spring) 2
MIC 624 Mod Top Bact Pathogen (Fall) 2
BCH 512 Developmental Genomics (Fall) 2
BIO 501 Adv Biological Chemistry (Fall) 4
BIO 502 Adv Cell & Develop. Biology (Fall) 4
BIO 523 Tissue Engineering (Spring) 3
PGY 551 Human Physiology (Fall) 3
MIR 511 Molecular Immunology (RPCI)
BIO 506
 Signal Transduction (Fall)
NRS 520 Neuroscience (Spring) 4
BIO 556 Evolutionary Genetics (Fall) 3
PHC 500 Basic Drug Devel (Fall) 2
PHC 517 Pharmacogenomics (Fall) 2

NOTE: All courses for each student must be approved by the advisory committee.



Libuse Bobek


Every student has a primary mentor and a committee that is composed of at least three other members of the faculty who guide the students throughout the five or six years of study that it takes.


Mira Edgerton

Research Professor

I think as mentors at UB, our approach to scientific thought processes is our strength; we emphasize higher-order reasoning as an essential part of an approach to a problem.


Ernesto DeNardin


The unique thing about our PhD program is that, in most cases, the graduate students are also clinical residents, so they get a unique exposure to both worlds. 


Frank Scannapieco

Professor and Chair

There's quite a diverse group of studies that we're working on. For example, we are now investigating the role of oral health in systemic disease, particularly the effects of oral health on hospital-acquired pneumonia.


Lawrence Tabak (’81)

We all learned from each other—students, postdocs and faculty alike. Our journal clubs were pretty intense. My classmates went on to very distinguished academic/research careers. We were taught to be intellectually rigorous and unafraid to try new things.


Jenny Sun (’08)

Dr. Edgerton is trying to encourage all of us to think for ourselves and lead us to the correct way. We talk daily. I like this department a lot. The students, the faculty—everybody knows everybody else. We always talk together, what is going on with your research. It’s kind of a big family, and the faculty is very easygoing.


Calogero Dolce (’96)

The Oral Biology program met all my needs. They were very, very accommodating. There was a diversity of people there. Everything that you needed was there. If you had a problem, you could always go to another faculty member to get your question resolved. There was a lot of different expertise.


Keith Kirkwood (’97)

A lot of my training and views on clinical periodontics especially are based on my experiences in Oral Biology in Buffalo. The program allowed me to seek training outside the department because I wanted different expertise.