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PubMed Central, Fig. 6.: Biol Open. 2013 Dec 15; 2(12): 1336–1345. Published online 2013 Oct 23. doi:  10.1242/bio.20135397
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Fig. 6.

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Ets1 regulates expression of ΔNp63.

(A) Diagram of the ΔNp63 proximal promoter with potential Ets1 binding sites indicated by black triangles. Arrows below indicate three primer sets used in the ChIP assay. (B) Normalized luciferase activity of the ΔNp63 promoter co-transfected with empty vector (pCMV-HA), a plasmid encoding wild-type Ets1 (pCMV-HA-Ets1) or a DNA-binding mutant of Ets1 (pCMV-HA-Ets1-R391D). (C) ChIP assay using chromatin derived from HA-Ets1 expressing keratinocytes and primer sets 1 (surrounds sites A and B), 2 (surrounds sites B, C and D) and 3 (lacks potential Ets binding sites).

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