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SOAP web service - Developers - Europe PMC

SOAP web service

A Simple Object Access Protocol (SOAP) based service to retrieve data from our publication database. You can search for metadata and full text articles in Europe PMC. The service has been modularised, and allows users to pick and choose the components required, making information retrieval more efficient. The following points describe how to use the Web Service, and provide example clients. A Reference Guide is also provided:

  • Use the WSDL here to access the service using any SOAP implementation tool.
  • How to use Citation Database Web Service with

  • Methods available and Documentation:

  • Versioning Strategy:

    The current production version is 5.2 and on the test servers version 5.1 is deployed

    • Two versions of the web services are simultaneously available. This approach to release management is in order to allow users to prepare for a new version, rather than having to immediately respond to a version change. Join the Europe PMC web service users' Google group to receive notifications about web service releases.
    • Production SOAP WDSL:
      <soap:address location=""/>
    • Migration/test WSDL:
      <soap:address location=""/>
    • Version specific reference (to current production or new test version as appropriate):
      <soap:address location=""/>