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  1. Oct 20

    Enjoying an informative workshop on the science and legal issues of medical cannabis by

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  2. Oct 25
  3. Oct 30

    It's fun to think in a sauna might reduce risks but let's do randomized controlled trials

  4. Oct 20

    . has members in most clinical depts so pubs across many journals!

  5. Oct 30
  6. Oct 23
  7. Oct 25

    "Humility is a recognition that there are sometimes things that we don't know"

  8. Oct 24

    How can research be used to support students, educators, families, and policymakers? See here:

  9. Nov 13

    Very proud moment of achievement , one of the toughest yet most interesting courses ever; thank you

  10. Nov 8

    Love this. Takes a group of desperate patients, looking for hope anywhere, and turns them into cash machines for unscrupulous charlatans.

  11. Without trustworthy research, those closest to students are making decisions in the dark.

  12. Nov 18
    Replying to and

    I think I heard that you sexual assaulted a high school teenager some years ago. There's no reason for the victim to be lying and one must always give the accuser the benefit of the doubt, irrespective of how long ago it happened...right?

  13. Nov 7

    NEW | A guide to getting your research into Parliament Because

  14. Oct 23
  15. Oct 28
    Replying to

    ... Promoting skin color to solve issue of violent crimes is regressive activism. Stats for identity screams ideology.

  16. High-quality has created real results across states. Why in edu:

  17. Oct 30

    Themes thus far at : drivers for change, need for , creating culture, , , sense of urgency.

  18. Nov 2
  19. Oct 26
  20. Oct 29

    The Center promises to be a very important development. Best of luck to you and the team. We will drop by soon!

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