The age of the hominin fossils from Jebel Irhoud, Morocco, and the origins of the Middle Stone Age

…, P Fernandes, JP Raynal, D Geraads, A Ben-Ncer… - Nature, 2017 -
The timing and location of the emergence of our species and of associated behavioural
changes are crucial for our understanding of human evolution. The earliest fossil attributed
to a modern form of Homo sapiens comes from eastern Africa and is approximately 195

Pollution impact on the ancient ramparts of the Moroccan city Salé

…, A Bonazza, SA Lyazidi, M Haddad, A Ben-Ncer… - Journal of Cultural …, 2013 - Elsevier
The work focuses on the investigation of air pollutant impacts on the ancient ramparts of the
Moroccan city of Salé, part of the Project TeACH (Technologies and tools to prioritize
assessment and diagnosis of air pollution impact on immovable and movable cultural

The rodents from the late middle Pleistocene hominid-bearing site of J'bel Irhoud, Morocco, and their chronological and paleoenvironmental implications

D Geraads, F Amani, A Ben-Ncer, SP McPherron… - Quaternary …, 2013 - Elsevier
Abstract The rodents from the late middle Pleistocene hominin-bearing locality of J'bel
Irhoud include the following species: Meriones shawii, Gerbillus grandis, Dipodillus
campestris, Paraethomys ras, Lemniscomys barbarus, Mus cf. spretus, and Eliomys sp. We

New fossils from Jebel Irhoud, Morocco and the pan-African origin of Homo sapiens

JJ Hublin, A Ben-Ncer, SE Bailey, SE Freidline… - Nature, 2017 -
Fossil evidence points to an African origin of Homo sapiens from a group called either H.
heidelbergensis or H. rhodesiensis. However, the exact place and time of emergence of H.
sapiens remain obscure because the fossil record is scarce and the chronological age of

[PDF][PDF] Découvertes campaniformes récentes dans les plateaux de Zemmour (Maroc)

Y Bokbot, A Ben-Nçer - Bell Beaker in everyday life, Proceedings …, 2006 -
ABSTRACT–The research program Neolithic and Protohistory of the Zemmour plateaux
aims to define the archaeologic atlas of the northern Morocco's Meseta. In this context, the
Ifri n'Amr ou Moussa Cave has been excavated: it is the first stratigraphic Bell Beaker site in

The age of the Homo sapiens fossils from Jebel Irhoud (Morocco) and the origins of the Middle Stone Age

…, JP Raynal, D Geraads, P Gunz, A Ben-Ncer… -
Jebel Irhoud (Irhoud), Morocco, contains stratified archaeological deposits best known for
yielding abundant late Pleistocene hominin remains associated with a Levallois based
Middle Stone Age stone tool assemblage. Taxonomically these fossils have been generally

La sépulture collective néolithique d'Eybral(Coux-et-Bigarroque, Dordogne) étude anthropologique

A Ben-Ncer - 1991 -
Résumé/Abstract La sépulture collective néolithique d'Eybral (commune du Coux-et-
Bigarroque, Dordogne), datée au C14 de 2190±135 ans BC comprend 19306 vestiges
osseux. Ceux-ci représentent au moins 64 individus dont 17 sujets immatures. L'étude

[HTML][HTML] Etude archéothanatologique de La Sépulture 4 d'El Harhoura II

A Ben-Ncer, A Oujaa, MA El Hajraoui, R Nespoulet -
Résumé La sépulture 4 d'El Harhoura II est une sépulture primaire individuelle d'un sujet
adulte de sexe masculin et de grande taille. La tombe a été aménagée en pleine terre dans
une fosse peu profonde et localement bien exiguë. Le crâne a été maintenu surélevé par

[CITATION][C] La sépulture N° 4 du site d'lfri N'Amr Ou Moussa (Ait Khemisset, Maroc): etude archéo-anthropologique

A Ben-Ncer, Y Bokbot, F Amani, M Guachi - Proceedings of the II Meeting of African …, 2017

[CITATION][C] Jbel Irhoud, une avancée paléoanthropologique décisive

A Ben-Ncer, JJ Hublin - Hesperis Tamuda, 2017 - Editions Techniques Nord-Africaines