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Grist API - Developers - Europe PMC

Grants RESTful (Grist) API

The Grist database contains details of grants awarded by the Europe PMC Funders.

See a description of the data fields used in Grist.

Use this API to search the Grist database.

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URL syntax

Construct your URL for search requests as follows:{}[&parameters]

Request Parameters

Grist API Parameters

[See a description of the data fields used in Grist].

Syntax word Description Example
ga, grant_agency Search for a term in funder names/abbreviations/FundRef IDs.
[See a list of funder names used in Grist.]
ga:"Wellcome Trust", ga:BBSRC, grant_agency:501100000381
gid, gr, grant_id Search for a term in grant numbers/IDs. gid:083611
title, ti Search for a term or terms in grant titles. title:cancer, ti:"kidney cancer"
abstract, abs Search for a term or terms in grant abstracts. abstract:"diverse functions"
date, active_date Search by active date, where date given is between start and end dates. Format must by yyyy-mm-dd, where month (mm) and day (dd) are optional. date:2011-02-12, date:2012-04, active_date:2010
kw Search for a term or terms in grant titles, abstracts, streams and types. kw:"Physiological Sciences"
pi Search for a PI by last name, and optional initial(s). pi:hubbard, pi:"Hubbard S"
pi_id, author_id Search for a PI by alternative identifier, e.g. ORCID. Format must be {id type}/{id value} pi_id:ORCID/0000-0001-2345-6789
aff Search for a term or terms in institution names/departments. aff:Cambridge, aff:"University of Manchester", aff:"Life Sciences"


Refer to the CERIF XML Schema for details on Response Entities.

How Pagination Works

Paginated resources will be limited to 25 Grants by default and page numbering starts at 1 [the default value if parameter unspecified]. The pagination details are contained within HTTP response header.

For example:

For the search above link header values shown below:

HTTP/1.1 200 OK
Server: Apache-Coyote/1.1
HitCount: 407
ResultType: CERIF
Query: pi:smith
Page: 2
Content-Type: text/xml
Transfer-Encoding: chunked


An integer defining the total numbers of records: At the time of writing the above search returns the integer: 407.