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Patent documents citing scholarly work of Univ Minnesota Twin Cities
Doc Type: Patent Application

Antagonists Of The Trpv1 Receptor And Uses Thereof

Doc Type: Patent Application

Equol Level Regulator

Doc Type: Patent Application

Functionalized Olefin Polymers, Compositions And Articles Prepared Therefrom, And Methods For Making The Same

  • Published: Jul 3, 2008
  • Family: 15
  • Cited: 17
  • Info: Full text Public

    This document appears in a public collection

  • Applicant: Dow Global Technologies Inc, Silvis H, Hahn Stephen, Pawlowski David, Ansems Patricia, Mergenhagen Laura, Lakrout Hamed, Batra Ashish, Weaver Laura, Effler Lawrence, Oswald Katja
Doc Type: Patent Application

Amylases And Glucoamylases, Nucleic Acids Encoding Them And Methods For Making And Using Them

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