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    Sep 18

    Editorial introducing our upcoming Special Issue on "Reconstituting Cell Biology", guest-edited by :

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    Oct 21

    Waldo for actin aficionados: very detailed overview on actin-related molecules and a beautiful cartoon

  3. Oct 20

    Quinlan et al. present a rim-and-spoke hypothesis to explain the biomechanical roles for cytoplasmic IF networks:

  4. Oct 19

    Check out our latest poster on 'Actin assembly mechanisms at a glance' by Rottner et al.:

  5. Oct 18

    Check out our latest 'First person' interview with Olivia Susanto from the lab at the Beatson Institute:

  6. Oct 18

    Check out our latest 'First person' interview with Olivia Susanto from the@robinsall lab at the Beatson Institute:

  7. Oct 17

    Our latest 'Cell scientist to watch' interview with Mahak Sharma :

  8. Oct 16
  9. Oct 16

    Have you seen special cross-journal collection on Organoids:

  10. Oct 13

    Lin &co show that SerpinB2 and p21 ensure cellular senescence; read more in our free highlight:

  11. Oct 12

    Perkins &co analyse the localisation of mitochondrial proteins at nano-scale; more in our free highlight:

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    Oct 11
    Replying to
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    Oct 11
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  14. Oct 11

    The article by Schuldiner, van Anken &co on the role of iron in stress signalling is :

  15. Oct 11

    Schuldiner, van Anken &co show an requirement for iron and haem in UPR under stress; more in our free highlight:

  16. Oct 10

    Fan &co show that DCAF2 controls replication in zygotes; check out our free highlight:

  17. Oct 10

    Trapani, Bonaldo and Corallo discuss the role of the ECM in notochord formation, function and disease:

  18. Oct 9

    Christianson &co identify a new protein interaction domain in the E3 ligase Hrd1 involved in ERAD; free highlight:

  19. Oct 9

    To celebrate the 2017 Nobel Prize for cryo-EM, JCS presents a selection of articles featuring its applications:

  20. Oct 9

    Check out our collection of articles to celebrate the Nobel Prize for circadian rhythm research:

  21. Oct 6

    Nickel &co argue membrane pore formation as a common mechanism for unconventional secretion of FGF2 and IL-1β:

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