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E-Prescribe Information

We are happy to announce the availability of electronic prescription writing for the School of Dental Medicine patients!

As most of you probably know, the State of New York requires all prescriptions to be sent electronically and the School’s waiver for this requirement expires on March 17, 2017. Consequently, all prescriptions written for School patients will need to be issued electronically as of March 17, 2017 as pharmacies will no longer accept paper prescriptions from the School after this date.

We encourage faculty and residents who have been setup in the system to use it as soon as possible and not wait until the deadline. Below are some important points we would like to share with everyone:

  • The system we are using is called Rcopia by DrFirst and it is a part of axiUm, the electronic health record we purchased and are planning to implement in the coming year. Given the deadline we are under for e-prescribe, we have implemented this system as a stand-alone package, meaning that it functions outside of axiUm. While this means that we will be able to continue to use the same e-prescribe system once axiUm is implemented, the stand-alone version also has some drawbacks, which you will see noted in a couple of places below.

  • A training video is available on the SDM intranet under featured items. Even if you currently are not enabled to e-prescribe, we encourage everyone to watch the short video so that you’re familiar with the capabilities of the software and the new process.

  • Point-of-care computers have a link to the web-based software called DrFirst.

  • Active school patients have been entered into the system. Unfortunately, we could not designate a preferred pharmacy for the patients since we did not previously collect this information. Preferred pharmacies will need to be entered when writing a prescription. The training video covers how to do this. It is important to note that Picasso and the paper chart remain as the official record, so changes to patient’s demographic information will continue to be done in Picasso and as needed in the e-prescribe system.

  • As unlicensed providers, pre-doctoral students will not be allowed to write prescriptions. Prior to implementation of axiUm, students are encouraged to observe faculty while using the stand-alone e-prescribe system, however, the stand-alone system is not well-suited for students to directly interact with the system, which requires faculty approval. Again, once axiUm is installed it will be possible for pre-doc students to directly interact with the system.

  • The e-prescribe system allows the entry of allergy and medical history information, however after careful review, the School has decided that we will NOT be entering this information into the system. The paper chart will continue to be the official record for allergy, medical history and prescription information until the full system (axiUm) is installed and we have converted from the paper chart to the electronic health record.

  • This system may only be used to write prescriptions for patients of record at the School. For example, faculty prescribing in a private practice cannot use it for that purpose.

  • EPCS subscribers are required to use a separate key-fob and will continue to use the NYS iSTOP system as they do now. Unfortunately, the NY state does not allow integration of iSTOP with any e-prescribe software.

  • Paper scripts will continue to be written for Canadian residents and any out of state residents in states that do not accept electronic prescriptions.

Dr. Gambacorta is the clinical administrator of the system. While OIR will field general technical support questions, Dr. Gambacorta will serve as the point of contact for all clinical and user account questions.


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