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  1. The memory benefit of hearing oneself: could saying things out loud be the answer?

  2. : Introverts think they won’t like being leaders but they are capable

  3. Oct 19

    NEW | A guide to getting your research into Parliament

  4. Proving popular on social media: what we know about financing & planning for

  5. : Ayahuasca may have potential to treat eating disorders, scientists claim

  6. : Teaching science concepts in early childhood may be beneficial

  7. The changing migration strategies of Polish migrants in the UK in times of Brexit

  8. Trending: which pioneering digital Solution Bridges the Care Gap for Sufferers?

  9. Will Komodo dragon blood be the source of the next miracle drug? This recent article investigates

  10. We are delighted to announce our new publishing partnership with Japan Society of Civil Engineers:

  11. Are you interested in promotion for an article due to be published in your journal?

  12. shows impact of PR on reach and altmetric score of research on social media & sleep loss

  13. Oct 13
  14. Giving our colleagues a big thumbs up for trending with their event in !

  15. Could lying children be a sign of something more positive at work?

  16. Oct 12
    Replying to

    Special thanks to Taylor & Francis for making Prof. Martin's original research publicly available:

  17. Oct 12

    "UK represents just 0.9% of the world’s population but accounts for 10.7% of citations and 15.2% of the world’s most highly-cited articles"

  18. Communicating effectively with the can increase the impact of your research. Nominate your article here:

  19. Oct 12

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