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Robert E. Baier, Ph.D., P.E.

Professor, Department of Oral Diagnostic Sciences

Office Address

355 Squire Hall / 110 Parker Hall

Buffalo, NY 14214



Faculty Profile

Robert E. Baier, Ph.D., P.E. 
Professor [Oral Diagnostic Sciences] 

Industry/University Center for Biosurfaces 
Room 110 Parker Hall 
State University of New York at Buffalo (SUNYAB) 
Buffalo, NY 14214-3007 

Tel: (716) 829-3560, (716) 832-9864 (Home), FAX: (716) 835-4872 


  • Cleveland State University (Cleveland, OH), B.E.S. 1962, Engineering Sci/Physics 
  • State University of New York at Buffalo, Ph.D. 1966, Biophysics 
  • National Academy of Sciences/National Research Council (Washington, DC), Postdoctoral Associate 1966-1968, Surface Chemistry [U.S. Naval Research Lab]


  • 1959-1961 - Surgical Research Laboratory Technician, Buffalo General Hospital, Buffalo, NY 
  • 1961-1962 - Nucleonics Engineer, Republic Steel Corporation, Cleveland, OH 
  • 1968-1976 - Research Physicist, Cornell Aeronautical Laboratory of Cornell University, Buffalo, NY 
  • 1976-1980 - Principal Physicist, Calspan Corporation Advanced Technology Center, Buffalo, NY 
  • 1980-1984 - Staff Scientist, Calspan Corporation Advanced Technology Center 

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  • 1984-1985 - Visiting Associate Professor, State University of New York at Buffalo 
  • 1985-1989 - Director, NY State Center for Advanced Technology in Health-care Instruments & Devices,State University of New York at Buffalo 
  • 1989-1993 - Associate Professor, State University of New York at Buffalo 
  • 1993 -present - Professor, State University of New York at Buffalo 

Additional Experience

  • Registered Professional Engineer, States of Ohio and New York [1968-present] 
  • Certified Environmental Engineer (AAEE) [1971-present] 
  • Res. Assoc. Prof., Dept. Biophysics, Roswell Park Div., SUNY/Buffalo 1990-present; Res.Asst.Prof: 1972-1990] 
  • Research Asst. Prof., Dept. Biomaterials, SUNY/Buffalo [1978-1990] 
  • Research Professor, Dept. Biophysical Sciences, SUNY/Buffalo [1983-present] 
  • Visiting Assoc. Prof., Dept. Stomatology and Interdisciplinary Sci., SUNY/Buffalo [1984-1994] 
  • Adjunct Assoc. Prof., Dept. Chemical Engineering, SUNY/Buffalo [1985-1994] 
  • Chair, Gordon Conference on Biomaterials and Biocompatibility [1989] 
  • Director, Industry/University Center for Biosurfaces, SUNY/Buffalo [1992-present; Co-Dir: 1988-1992] 
  • Adj.Professor, Dept. Mechanical and Aerospace Eng., SUNY/Buffalo [1995-present; Adj.Assoc 1991-1995] 
  • President, Society For Biomaterials [1992-1993] 
  • Member, Faculty Senate and Faculty Senate Executive Committee, SUNY/Buffalo [1996-present] 
  • Chair, Standing Committee on Research & Creative Activities, Faculty Senate [1997-present] 
  • Graduate Program Director, Biomaterials, SUNY at Buffalo [1998-present] 
  • Member, Editorial Boards: Journal of Biomedical Materials Research, Journal of Dental Research, Journal of Oral Implantology, Trends in Artificial Organs and Biomaterials 
  • Member, Jury, Science for Art Prize, sponsored by Moet Hennessy/Louis Vuitton, Paris [1988-present] 
  • Member, LaMer Award Committee, American Chemical Society [1995-1999] 


  • 1994 - D. Odont. honoris causa - Lund University, Sweden 
  • 1994 - Engineer of the Year Award, NYS Society of Professional Engineers, Erie-Niagara Chapter 
  • 1994 - Founding Fellow, American Institute for Medical and Biological Engineering 
  • 1996 - Fellow, Biomaterials Science and Engineering, World Societies for Biomaterials 

Publications, including Relevant Abstracts and Proceedings (1995 - present)

  • Baier RE, Rittle KH, and Meyer AE (1995) Influences of surface chemical factors on selective cellular retention. in Principles of Cell Adhesion, PD Richardson and M Steiner (eds), CRC Press, Inc., Boca Raton, FL, pp 41-62. 
  • Glantz P-O, Friberg SE, Christersson CE, and Baier RE (1995) Surface and colloid chemical aspects of saliva-particle interactions. J Oral Rehabil, 22:585-588. 
  • Baier RE, Lemons JE, and Meyer AE (1996) IDr3, Implant Data: Record, Report, Review - Final Conference Report, Society For Biomaterials, Minneapolis, MN, 68 pp. 
  • Tsortos A, Ohki S, Zieba A, Baier RE, and Nancollas GH (1996) The Dual Role of Fibrinogen as Inhibitor and Nucleator of Calcium Phosphate Phases: The Importance of Structure. J Coll and Interface Sci, 177:257-262. 
  • Baier RE and Meyer AE (1996) Physics of Solid Surfaces. in Interfacial Phenomena and Bioproducts, JL Brash and PW Wojciechowski (eds), Marcel Dekker, Inc., New York, pp 85-121. 

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  • Baier RE and Thomas EB (1996) The Ocean: The Eye of the Earth. Contact Lens Spectrum, January 1996, pp 37-44. 
  • Baier RE, Meyer AE, White JA, and Batte RT (1997) Spontaneous Low-Temperature Uniform Mineralization of Surface-Activated Substrata. J Dent Res, 76(IADR Abstracts):282. 
  • Baier R, Glantz P-O, Heinegard D, Branemark R, Branemark P-I, Skalak R, Parsegian A, Osmond D,Lundstrom I, and Frangos J (1997) re: Osseointegration in Orthopaedics. J Adhesion, 60:95-97. 
  • Baier RE (1997) Surface Engineering and Bioadhesive Strategies of Nature. in Prcdgs, Medical Design & Manufacturing Regional Conference, Minneapolis, pp 203/1-203/6 
  • Baier RE, Meyer AE, and Forsberg RE (1997) Certification of Properties of Nontoxic Fouling-Release Coatings Exposed to Abrasion and Long-Term Immersion. Naval Research Reviews, XLIX(4):60-65. 
  • Baier RE (1998) The Future of Biomedical Implants. Pharmaceutical News, 5(1):25-29. 
  • Good RJ, Islam M, Baier RE, and Meyer AE (in press) The Effect of Surface Hydrogen Bonding (Acid-Base Interaction) on the Hydrophobicity or Hydrophilicity of Copolymers: Variation of Contact Angles and Cell Adhesion and Growth with Composition. 

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