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Dental Loupes - Vendor Information

From: Dr. Lata Shenoy, IDP Program Director

  • During the bench test I explained the eye-protection policy at our school.  It is a wise investment to purchase a good fitting pair of eyeglasses (protective lenses). I also recommend that they be scratch resistant lenses.  
  • It is our policy that student’s working with rotary instruments in the clinic or lab use eye protection.  This applies to those students who wear prescription lenses as well as those who have 20/20 vision.
  • Dental loupes with a 2.5x magnification is “mandated” for direct and indirect restorative work.  Having them at the start of our program will enhance your progress.  (3x magnification is not acceptable in the restorative clinic as it hinders peripheral vision.)
  • Protective eyeglasses and Dental Loupe cost are not included in the Iinternational dentists program fees.  
  • Below you will findinformation for our two loupe vendors.  Please contact them directly. Both vendors will be here your first day (May 21, 2018). You can order them now and have them ready for fitting on the first day if you choose.  
  • Loupes vendors will be at the first day of IDP Orientation (5/21) to measure and place orders so you will have them on time.  

**Loupe lights are optional (not mandated)

Loupes Vendors

Design for Vision


Ken Jakiel– Northeast Regional Sales Manager


Phone number: 716-574-9624



Gregg Brown – Senior District Sales Manager


Phone #: 412-302-6739

Loupes Questions

If you have any questions regarding the loupe purchase, please email me or my helpers.

Lata Shenoy- Director of IDP: shenoy@buffalo.edu

Lynne Pokigo - Assistant to the IDP Director: lynnepok@buffalo.edu