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Parking Permit

Parking Passes

  • All students wishing to park on university campuses are required to register their motor vehicles annually with Parking and Transportation Services. 
  •  Student parking is by permit only, which can be obtained on MyUB.  
  • We strongly encourage you to obtain a parking permit before you arrive on campus for Orientation.

How to obtain a UB Parking Pass

  • click on “get permits”
  • Login with your UB IT name and password
  • choose the 5th one down that says Commuter/Pick-up at 1 Diefendorf *August 6th ONLY*
  • Agree to the terms and rules and regs at the bottom of this page.
  • Add a license plate
  • Choose a pick up location (make sure they pick 1 Diefendorf)
  • Then check out. (cost will be $0 though)

UB Bus Transportation

City of Buffalo Transportation

Buffalo has its own public bus and train system. Please visit Buffalo Niagara Transportation Authority for more details.