UBIT Account & Computing Before You Arrive

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Domestic Students ONLY

  • Your UBIT name and UB person number can be accessed in our GrAdMIT online application system. 
  • You will be notified when this information is available (on or around March 1, 2018) in an email entitled: Important Information Regarding your UBIT Account
  • When you have logged back into the GrAdMIT system, your UBIT Name and UB person number may be found under the “Status” tab. 
  • Please take note of this valuable information, as it will be required to activate your UBIT account. Activating your UBIT account will grant you access to a vast array of campus services, including MyUB, UBLearns and UB webmail.
  • The final item required to claim your account, a single-use password, will be emailed to you directly, after March 1st. Once you have received this, email you may visit the following site.

    Please note, if you are a current or previous UB student, you will retain your UBIT account and will not be sent a single-use password. 
  • To reactivate your UBIT account, please contact the CIT helpdesk at (716) 645-3542 or cit-helpdesk@buffalo.edu for further instructions.

International DDS Students

  • International students will receive UBit account information in an individual email once their International Admissions processing is complete.

Computing - Before you arrive

  • heck out Before You Arrive at UB to learn how to download free software like Microsoft Office from UB,and stay safe once you're connected.
  • Connect to UB's Network
  • Learn about the different ways to connect to the Internet at UB.
  • Locate Computers and Printers
  • Forgot your laptop or tablet, or need to charge them while working? 
  • Use UB computing sites to stay connected and print assignments. 
  • Access Software Virtually
  • Use all the UB software you need without leaving your home or residence hall.
  • Get Help
  • Need assistance using or connecting to UBIT services? We’re here to help.