UBIT Account & Computing Before You Arrive

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Domestic Students ONLY

  • Your UBIT name and UB person number can be accessed in our GrAdMIT online application system. 
  • You will be notified when this information is available (on or around March 1, 2016) in an email entitled: Important Information Regarding your UBIT Account
  • When you have logged back into the GrAdMIT system, your UBIT Name and UB person number may be found under the “Status” tab. 
  • Please take note of this valuable information, as it will be required to activate your UBIT account. Activating your UBIT account will grant you access to a vast array of campus services, including MyUB, UBLearns and UB webmail.
  • The final item required to claim your account, a single-use password, will be emailed to you directly, after March 1st. Once you have received this, email you may visit the following site.

    Please note, if you are a current or previous UB student, you will retain your UBIT account and will not be sent a single-use password. 
  • To reactivate your UBIT account, please contact the CIT helpdesk at (716) 645-3542 or cit-helpdesk@buffalo.edu for further instructions.

International DDS Students

  • International students will receive UBit account information in an individual email once their International Admissions processing is complete.

Computing - Before you arrive

Computing - Before You Arrive at UB

1. Activate Your UBITName

Activate your unique account that you'll use to get connected to life at UB.

2. Explore UB from Home

Feel at home with the UB family before even coming to campus. 

UB has several Web and mobile presences that will make adjusting to university life a breeze.

3. Check Your UBmail

UBmail allows you to keep in touch with professors, classmates, friends and family.

 4. Bring Technology to Campus

Find out what devices and accessories we recommend for life at UB.

 5. Get Free Software

Don’t buy it twice! Take advantage of UB-provided software

 6. Protect Yourself

UB has your back. Stay out of trouble using our tips and standards.

7. Get Ready for Wi-Fi

Stay connected securely at UB. Use the UB Secure WiFiSetup wizard anywhere and connect to UB Secure Wi-Fi the minute you arrive on campus.