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About Western New York

Buffalo is one of the few places in this country that offers good skiing, great sailing, major-league sports, a first-rank orchestra, professional theater, a lively club scene, and another country all within minutes of its university. In Buffalo you can relax and play hard and always live comfortably.

A Great Place to Live

A Pleasant Setting

Buffalo is New York’s second-largest city, the center of a metropolitan population of about 1.2 million. It is situated at the eastern end of 250-mile-long Lake Erie, where the waters of the Great Lakes funnel into the Niagara River on their way to world-famous Niagara Falls, twelve miles downstream from Buffalo’s waterfront. Across the Peace Bridge from downtown Buffalo, wide beaches and cozy summer cottages stretch away to the west along the Canadian lakeshore. A half-hour drive south of the city takes you to a hilly, wooded countryside cut by dramatic valleys and gorges.

Buffalo’s weather is moderated by the lake, which cools it in summer and warms it in winter. The lake is also responsible for much of the snow - most of which falls in the hills south of the city - that gives the region its wintry reputation. Buffalo itself gets relatively little snow. When it does, the city digs out with surprising ease, thanks to a spirit of cooperation that makes Buffalo truly the "City of Good Neighbors." Summers in Buffalo are, by measures of sunshine and temperature, the most pleasant in the Northeast.

In the Vicinity

When you have a weekend to yourself or you just want to get away overnight, Buffalo is an easy drive from any number of attractive destinations. Toronto, Ontario, two hours up the Queen Elizabeth Way from the Peace Bridge, is one of the great cosmopolitan cities of North America. New York’s Finger Lakes region, with its quaint country inns and interesting towns (like Seneca Falls, Watkins Glen, and Ithaca), is two hours of scenic driving to the southeast of Buffalo. If you only have a few hours, Niagara Falls - a mere twenty-minute drive from Buffalo - offers not only the mesmerizing falls themselves, but an endless and endlessly varied stream of visitors from around the world.