Bench Test Prep Course for International Dentists


The University at Buffalo offers a preparatory course in restorative dentistry for international dentists. This course is optimal for those who may need better preparation in fixed and removable prosthodontics, operative dentistry, and treatment planning for the testing required by most U.S. dental schools as part of their admissions process.

July 23- 27, 2018

University at Buffalo

School of Dental Medicine

This course is not a prerequisite nor does it guarantee admission to any dental school.

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Workshop Content

The course features didactic and hands-on sessions under the guidance of School of Dental Medicine Faculty. Participants will be trained in the state-of-the-art Virtual Reality Simulation Laboratory at the State University of New York at Buffalo, School of Dental Medicine.

Fixed Prosthodontics

  • Anterior Tooth Preparation for for Metal-ceramic Crown (PFM)

Operative Dentistry

Posterior tooth preparation

  • Class II amalgam restoration
  • Class II composite restoration

Restorations of amalgam and composite preparations using various forms of matrix bands with emphasis on the use of sectional matrix.

Removable Prosthodontics

  • Introduction to the use of surveyor
  • Classification of RPD
  • Designing removable partial denture


Infection Control

Management of typodont in the simulation clinic with SDM infection control guidelines.




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