Clinical Observation Program

Student Observing a Dentist

The Clinical Observation Program allows individuals interested in pursuing a career track in dentistry the opportunity to observe clinical care delivery by predoctoral students, post graduate residents and faculty within the dental clinics of the School of Dental Medicine.

About the Program

This program is intended to enhance participants’ understanding of the clinical care delivery component of the profession of dentistry.  Through personal communication with dental students and residents, participants may gain a better appreciation for the individual qualities that lend themselves to the practice of dentistry.


The Clinical Observation Program is limited to students or graduates of post-secondary schools of education. Preference is given to University at Buffalo undergraduate students who are intending to pursue a DDS program and have completed their freshman year of study, and graduates of any college or university who are contemplating a career change to dentistry. Please note that internationally trained dentists are not eligible to participate in this program.

Clinic Observation Times and Locations

Site selection and hours will be determined during the interview appointment with the Associate Dean for Student, Community and Professional Initiatives. Based on the individualized interests of the applicants, an observation may range from four to eight clinic sessions and be based in any of the SDM affiliated clinics. Clinical Observation Program Hours are Monday through Friday during the clinic sessions held from 9:00 a.m. -  noon, and 1 p.m. - 4 p.m. during the SDM academic year. 

Observation will be limited to no more than two students during any interval. Participation is further limited to two consecutive semesters. 

Admission and Selection Process

Admission to the Clinical Observation Program is a highly competitive three stage process.

Stage 1

All applicants to the program must complete the online application form, which will be reviewed by the Associate Dean for Student, Community and Professional Initiatives.

Stage 2

Interviews, granted by invitation only, will be conducted by the Associate Dean for Student, Community and Professional Initiatives.

Stage 3

Selected applicants will be required to complete required clinical clearance requirements including the following:

1)      SDM HIPAA Training

2)      SDM Infection Control Training

3)      UB SDM Annual Health Assessment form signed by Examining Provider.

4)      Evidence of a flu shot or completed declination form (unless held outside of flu season)



Matt Blum

Director of Student & Community Initiatives

Office of Student Affairs / Admissions

315 Squire Hall, South Campus

Phone: (716) 829-6425