MS With Dental Ceramics Specialization

Announcing a collaboration between the Inamori School of Engineering at the NYS College of Ceramics at Alfred University, NY, and the School of Dental Medicine at the University at Buffalo/SUNY, leading to a Master of Science degree from either of those institutions with a specialization in Dental Ceramics.

Collaborative Research on Modern Dental Ceramics: Science and Applications

This new education and research opportunity has been based on advice and guidance from IvoclarVivadent, and the dramatic increase in the dental prosthetic usage of modern structural ceramics in the clinic in recent years. Partners are the Biomaterials-based graduate programs of both the State University of New York at Buffalo’s School of Dental Medicine (SDM) and Alfred University’s hosted New York State College of Ceramics.

Students are now engaged in specific, small research efforts for which IvoclarVivadent support with materials and mentoring has been significant and generous, and are indicating that larger, longer projects leading to the MS and PhD degrees fit their desired professional aspirations.

Available at the University at Buffalo are full opportunities to evaluate the advanced materials of interest within the context of a large academic and clinical program for restorative dentistry.

Available at the NY College of Ceramics are unique mentoring and laboratory opportunities for the discovery or improvement of ceramics materials properties.  Needed for translational research of these potential new findings to clinical care is a commercial partner able to evaluate the product applications for which these advances must be suited and then customized.

Support mechanisms are sought for the additional travel, possible lodging, and tuition costs for this collaborative program at two sites some 2-hours of driving time apart.  Financial resources for student stipends associated with specifically designated research projects are also sought.

It is anticipated that a parallel School of Dental Medicine-issued Certificate in Dental Technology (Ceramics) will become available to program participants who do  not serve as direct chairside clinicians, already eligible for the School of Dental Medicine Certificate in Prosthodontics.

Working with the Schools of Engineering and Applied Sciences at both cited universities, this program is proposed to nucleate a new field called Dental Engineering, addressing prosthetic reconstruction “above the shoulder blades”. The pioneer graduate has been Dr. Tariq Abuhaimed, BDS, MS Biomaterials, PhD Mechanical Engineering,  Head of the Biomaterials Division at King Abdulaziz University in Saudi Arabia and originally trained at IvoclarVivadent laboratories in Amherst, NY. 

R.E. Baier, PhD, PE
April 15, 2015

MS Program Options

Master of Science in “Biomedical Materials Engineering Science” (SUNY College of Ceramics at Alfred University)


Master of Science in “Biomaterials” (University at Buffalo/SUNY)

Undergraduate Preparation

Applicants to the MS program in Biomedical Materials Engineering Science at Alfred, or to the MS Program in Biomaterials at SUNY Buffalo, should have a 4-year Bachelor-level degree in dentistry, engineering or the physical sciences (including biology).

Program Requirements

The program requires 30 credit-hours beyond the bachelor’s level, as follows:

  • Biomedical Materials (3 credits) at Alfred University
  • Advanced Biomedical Materials Engineering (3 credits) at Alfred University
  • Biomaterials Science of Cell Surface Contact Phenomena (3 credits) at SUNY Buffalo
  • Evaluation of Biomedical Materials (4 credits) at SUNY Buffalo
  • Special Research Topic in Inorganic Biomaterials (2 credits) at either Alfred or Buffalo
  • Graduate-level electives (8 credits) at either Alfred or Buffalo
  • Thesis research (6 credits) at either Alfred or Buffalo
  • Research Seminar (1 credit) at either Alfred or Buffalo

Candidates for the MS degree must submit and successfully defend a Master’s thesis based on work completed as part of the 6 credit-hours of thesis research. In collaboration with their thesis advisors, candidates must also write and submit a manuscript suitable for publication in a peer-reviewed journal.

Length of Study

The program is designed to be completed in 24 months (4 semesters plus summers) of full-time study. The program must be completed within six years of initial enrollment. Continuous enrollment is required.


Students should make plans to support themselves throughout the duration of the degree program. More information regarding tuition and fee rates and projected living costs is available from Alfred University or the School of Dental Medicine.