Descendants of slave narrative authors gathered at UB to talk about inventive ways to carry their ancestors' stories forward.


UB's Jacob Neiheisel weighs in on Hillary Clinton's debate performance, Joe Biden's decision not to run for president and the campaign for 2016 Democratic nomination.


"If Snowden traveled to a European country even now, the country could decide not to extradite him to stall the extradition," says UB's Michelle Benson.


The political visibility of this case, mixed with the common understanding of what happened, says UB's Anthony O'Rourke, may influence the judge when it comes to sentencing.


An excerpt from "Hitler at Home," UB's Despina Stratigakos' new book, looks at how the Third Reich used interior design to try and manipulate Hitler's image.


Ancestors of famous figures like Dred Scott, Solomon Northup, Venture Smith and Jeffrey Brace, gathered at UB to discuss history, memory and identity.


In terms of Ottawa and Washington, says UB's Cecil Foster, things will get much better. Justin Trudeau understands the importance of that relationship.


UB President Satish Tripathi says the donation will create an endowment that will allow UB physicians and others to provide an "unmatched" educational experience.


"The more and more people who invest in you, the more benefit you have because people recognize that other people are trusting you and you're doing good work," says UB President Satish Tripathi.


The NHL lacks a formal personal conduct policy, says UB's Nellie Drew, which could make it difficult to impose disciplinary action on Patrick Kane.


UB's John Violanti has put the suicide rate for officers in 2012 at 16 per 100,000 people. That's higher than the overall rate of 13 per 100,000 people.


The Chronicle of Higher Education looks at the role UB's School of Architecture and Planning has played in Buffalo's renaissance.  


UB's Emily Grijalva looks at why disagreeable people are more likely to become leaders on NPR's Marketplace.


USA Today spoke with UB's Nellie Drew about what's next for daily fantasy sports.


The New York Times quotes UB's Nellie Drew, who says professional sports leagues are in a tough position when it comes to fantasy sports.


UB's Philllips Stevens looks at the taboo surrounding the number 13 in National Geographic.


The Buffalo News reports all UB students studying in Paris are safe and accounted for.


Smithsonian Magazine looks at research by UB's Karthik Dantu to give insect-sized drones the ability to navigate themselves.


Satish Tripathi will unveil a new financial-assistance program to encourage UB faculty and staff to purchase homes around the South Campus, Business First reports.


Slate reports on discussions among UB administrators, faculty and students about whether to adopt guidelines for public art on campus.


The Buffalo News reports on the UB H.O.M.E. program, which provides financial incentive to UB employees purchasing homes near South Campus.


UB's Daniel Antonius says fear turns into resilience after a terror attack on BBC World Services' Newsday.


USA Today speaks with UB's Daniel Antonius about how Paris will get back to itself after the terror attacks.


USA Today reports Allen Greene will be UB's new athletics director.


UB's Adnan Siddiqui was interviewed by CNBC about his success treating a brian aneurysm using a 3-D printer.


The Association of American Medical Colleges quotes Michael Cain about construction of the new medical school building in downtown Buffalo.


Satish Tripathi says UB is proud to call the neighborhood surrounding UB's South Campus home, as the Buffalo News reports on UB's H.O.M.E. program.


Satish Tripathi tells Business First the more people who invest in UB, the more benefit you have because people recognize that other people are trusting you.