UB's Nellie Drew weighs in on a ruling that states NCAA policies that restrict payments to college athletes violate antitrust laws.


The Bills have started the season facing a few teams on extra rest -- an inequity UB researchers have dug into when it comes to the NFL scheduling process.


"If there is one thing I have learned thus far, it is this: For questions about what it takes to keep a sick, hospitalized patient alive, ask a nurse," says third-year UB medical student Greg Roloff.


According to a UB study, children who are allowed to drink at home are less likely to experience problems with alcohol abuse if they come from an "intact family."


The tragedy Joe Biden has gone through, says UB's James Campbell, makes him an empathetic figure and a very likeable one.


The real question is why consumer anger didn't coalesce in the same way following any number of other recent examples of corporate wrongdoing, says UB's Trina Hamilton.


UB's Steven Dubovsky says the media should withhold all but the bare minimum about shooters who seek attention through tragic acts.


Satish K. Tripathi notes the School of Social Work and the Graduate School of Education will move to the South Campus.


UB students have designed a marine autopilot system that takes over the driving when a threat is identified.


Students from colleges around the country, including UB, are racing to complete construction of their energy-efficient, solar-powered houses.


The fantasy sports business needs substantive legal support to avoid becoming a real world horror show, according to UB's Nellie Drew.


"Social media reach was not anticipated with fair use," says UB's Nellie Drew.


"It was a tough, tough field and this was our first time out," says UB's Martha Bohm.


If a young woman's first sexual experience involves alcohol, she is more likely to be at risk for problems, such as sexual assault, and this risk may persist in her future, says UB's Jennifer Livingston.


“There is definitely that sense again of the Trudeau-mania of the ’60s and ’70s,” says UB's Cecil Foster.


UB's Nellie Drew weighs in on whether daily fantasy sports sites should continue to conduct business as usual or change direction and reduce their risks.


"It's difficult to say what he could have offered primary voters apart from trumpeting his candidacy as not bringing with it the kind of baggage that comes with Clinton," says UB's Jacob Neiheisel.


The same technology that automakers are using to ensure that driverless cars don't crash into things will be used, says UB's Karthik Dantu.


The opposition Hillary Clinton faces from Sanders is a secondary concern compared to the significance of her performance testifying before the House on Benghazi.