An article in Cosmos, an international science magazine published in Australia, on the reason for the songs of male humpback whales quotes Eduardo Mercado, assistant professor of psychology.
An article in the Sacramento Bee on the appropriateness of hugs and other physical contact in a medical setting quotes Stephen Wear, associate professor of medicine.
An article in The New York Times on the first attempt by a medical device maker to market a heart stent directly to consumers quotes William E. Boden, professor of medicine, who said, "It's deplorable. You've got to wonder if it's a sign of desperation."
An article in the Toronto Globe and Mail on "stalkerazzi," celebrity fans who will go to extremes to meet their favorite stars, quotes Elayne Rapping, professor of American studies.
An article in The Wall Street Journal on the mechanics behind hurling a football quotes William Rae, professor emeritus of mechanical and aerospace engineering.
Manolis Tzanakakis, assistant professor of chemical and biological engineering, is quoted in the Rochester Democrat & Chronicle in an article on reprogramming human skin cells to act like embryonic stem cells.
An article in The New York Times on new insights into psychiatric disorders and developmental problems that run in families reports on the mother of two boys who were diagnosed with attention deficit disorders and who sought treatment for them at the UB Center for Children and Families.
An article in the Chicago Tribune on delays in the first delivery of the world's fastest-selling airplane, the Boeing 787, reports the problems stem from trouble with the global manufacturing network it put in place to make the plane quotes David Pritchard, research associate in the Canada-U.S. Trade Center in the Department of Geography.
An article distributed by UPI reports UB researchers will conduct a study to determine whether post-traumatic stress disorder is associated with changes in the brain structure and function, and quotes John Violanti, associate professor of social and preventive medicine.
An article in the New York Times focuses on the University at Buffalo's plans to grow by 40 percent by the year 2020 and the financing and others measures that would be required to make UB the "Berkeley" of SUNY.
An article in Inside Higher Ed quotes UB President John B. Simpson on the release of the report of the New York State Commission on Higher Education.
An article in The Buffalo News quotes UB President John B. Simpson on recommendations of the New York State Commission on Higher Education.
Elayne Rapping discusses "one-man-alone" movies in the Denver Post.
An article in The New York Times on a controversial Massachusetts school that specializes in treating the most-challenging special-education students by using electric shocks as a punishment for bad behavior quotes William Pelham, director of the Center for Children and Families.
The Walls Street Journal selected "My Secret Life on the McJob" by SUNY Distinguished Teaching Professor of Organization and Human Resources Jerry Newman as one of its best books of 2007. Newman's book chronicles his experiences as an "under cover" fast food employee and imparts wisdom on the attributes of good management.
An editorial in The Buffalo News calls on Gov. Eliot Spitzer to include in the New York State budget funds to help UB achieve its expansion goals, calling UB's success as an educational and research institution vital to Western New York's economic hopes.