An article distributed by UPI reports that a UB study has shown that an immune system component that causes bone destruction and inflammation in autoimmune disease also protects oral cavity bones.
Mark Seery, assistant professor of psychology, is quoted in an article in USA Today on the ability of Buffalo Sabres center Chris Drury to score under pressure.
An article distributed by the Associated Press reports that Swedish snus, a smokeless tobacco, puts smokers at a significantly lower risk of cancer than cigarettes, and quotes Lynn Kozlowski, professor and chair of health behavior in the School of Public Health and Health Professions and an internationally regarded expert in smoking and health.
An article distributed by UPI reports UB scientists are designing bridges that "dance" during earthquakes, making the structures the safest and least expensive to build, retrofit and repair, and quotes Michel Bruneau, professor of civil, structural and environmental engineering.
An article on the front page of the sports section of USA Today profiles UB student athlete Reggie Rucker, a star hurdler on the UB track team and looks at his battle to win custody of his 4-year-old daughter and how he balances fatherhood with the demands of school and athletics.
Results of a UB study that showed a link between gum disease and increased risk for tongue cancer received considerable attention among the national media.