An editorial in the June 9 issue of The Buffalo News praises last week's opening of UB's New York State Center of Excellence in Bioinformatics and Life Sciences, saying "Buffalo should gain from this timely investment in its job base, its economy and its image. This moment is well worth celebrating."
An article distributed around the world by Reuters news service reports on research conducted by Steven Gill, associate professor of oral biology, who studied the DNA of hundreds of different kinds of bacteria in the human gut.
An article in Nature reports scientists have logged a year in the life of 14 babies' intestines, and found that our early gut microbes bear a legacy from our very first exposure to bugs, and this early bacterial colony could have a lasting impact on our guts. The article quotes Steven Gill, associate professor of oral biology, who led the research.
An article distributed by the Associated Press on the superstitions surrounding "666" quotes Philips Stevens, Jr., associate professor of anthropology.
An article in the Austin American Statesman on the growing popularity in hip-hop culture of diamond-encrusted "grills," a removable mouthpiece with gold, silver or platinum caps and diamond inlays, quotes Elayne Rapping, professor emeritus of American studies, who says women's trends usually follow men's, and grills are no exception.
President John B. Simpson is the author of an opinion piece in The Christian Science Monitor calling for institutions of higher education -- and especially public universities -- to more fully engage the issue of Pre K-16 education in their communities. While there has been a rightful sense of frustration with high school dropout rates, President Simpson cautions against measures that treat the problem as originating only in high schools, calling for a much broader, creative approach, which public universities are uniquely positioned to lead.
An article on CNN on the "Masala Bhangra Workout," a fitness program that combines aerobics with a type of folk music and dance that was developed in Punjab, India, quotes Mary Dedrick, clinical instructor of exercise and nutrition sciences, who said "[Music] helps people to feel more comfortable moving their bodies. I always find that if you have good music, that is a huge motivating factor for people in enjoying a class."
An article in The Wichita Eagle on the epidemic of suicide in law enforcement quotes John Violanti, research professor of social and preventive medicine, who said, "The ghosts will always be with you. You know there are things in your career you will never forget."
An article distributed by Health Day News Service on the impact gum disease has on overall health quotes Robert Genco, vice provost and director of the Office of Science, Technology Transfer and Economic Outreach.
An article on police drinking in the Minneapolis Star Tribune quotes John Violanti, a UB research professor in social and preventive medicine, who said the daily rigors that officers face on the streets are a big reason some of them turn to alcohol.
A CBS MarketWatch story on airlines workers whose pensions have been terminated quotes James Wooten, professor of law and a pension expert, who says that workers with "really high" pensions face the biggest losses, as do pilots and early retirees.
A story on KVOA-TV, the NBC affiliate in Tucson, Arizona, on consumers' continued use of credit cards in the face of security breaches quotes Lewis Mandell, professor of finance and managerial economics in the School of Management.
An article in The London Telegraph reports on research by Steven Gill, associate professor of oral biology, and others that shows that microbes provide an essential support system for the human body.
An article in The New York Time on checkbook balancing quotes Lewis Mandell, professor of finance and managerial economics, who says that for those who have a pretty good idea of what is in their checking account and how much they spend every month, laboriously going through every statement can be just a waste of time.
An article in USA Today on a recent poll that showed that Americans prefer Democrats over Republicans on handling every major issue except terrorism and the impact that could have on the fall 2006 election quotes James E. Campbell, professor of political science.