An article in USA Today on people who mourn for loved ones who have died by visiting their Web sites quotes Thomas T. Frantz, associate professor and chair of the Department of Counseling, School and Educational Psychology.
An article in Time magazine on young people and financial literacy quotes Lewis Mandell, professor of finance and managerial economics, who said, "More schools need to offer money-management classes. The curriculum has to be made relevant to their lives."
An article in USA Today on managing the high cost of raising children quotes Lewis Mandell, professor of finance and managerial economics, who said peer pressure is always a factor with teenagers facing pressure to go on the same school trips, play on the same teams and wear the same name-brand clothing, and many parents wanting their children to fit in and their families to be able to enjoy the same lifestyles as others.
An article on ABCNews.com about new sunscreens that offer better and longer protection quotes Allan Oseroff, professor and chair of dermatology, who said, "The big news is that there are products now that both stay on the skin longer and more importantly continue to work longer."
An article distributed by the Associated Press on people who survived the Spanish flu in 1918 and now are being asked to give blood to researchers who, with the threat of bird flu looming, are hoping to develop more effective vaccines quotes Timothy Murphy, professor of medicine and microbiology, who said, "The idea of identifying antibodies or immune responses from people who have recovered from the Spanish flu of 1918-19 in clever in a way, because that's the kind of immune response that we would want to reproduce with vaccines that we would develop now for the [avian influenza] virus. In a way, this is looking at a success. It's looking at an immune response that effectively, apparently, allowed a person to survive."
An article in The New York Times looks at the controversy over the influence of drug industry money over medical societies, particularly the American Society of Hypertension, and the effect that has on patient treatment, and quotes Joseph Izzo, professor of medicine. "There are those who accuse of us being nothing more than shills of industry; a lot of us take pretty great offense at that. We've basically devoted our careers to researching this disease and how to treat it."
An editorial in May 28 issue of The Buffalo News praises President John B. Simpson for his goals and plans to build UB into a major American research university.
An article in the Los Angeles Times on treatments for irritable bowel syndrome, including cognitive behavior therapy and hypnotherapy, quotes Jeffrey Lackner, assistant professor of medicine.
An article in the Rochester Democrat and Chronicle on lawsuits being faced by Bausch & Lomb Inc. following an outbreak of fungal eye infections linked to one of its products quotes Lucinda Finley, professor of law.