An article in the Pittsburgh Tribune-Review on the success of the television show "My Name Is Earl," which revolves around a lowlife and petty thief determined to fix his karma by making amends with all those he's wronged, quotes Philips Stevens, associate professor of anthropology.
An article in the Fresno Bee on high-end items for babies and toddlers quotes Arun Jain, professor and chair of marketing, who said "Parents sometimes feel guilty. They are compensating, psychologically, for not spending as much time with the children."
An article in the Lakeland Ledger on a drug being used off-label to treat hot flashes quotes Thomas J. Guttuso, Jr., who said, "It does not interact with any other medications, which is very unique, so doctors don't have to worry about other drugs a patient might be taking. Also, gabapentin is not metabolized, so it has no effect on the liver. It's fully excreted in the urine."
Alex Halavais is interviewed in a Q&A in The Washington Post on using blogs in the classroom. "I wanted students to read each other's work and not get pulled off into threads. Threaded discussions are great for some things, but they tend to easily take separate tangents. Second, I wanted out discussions to be very public. This can be done with a discussion board, but...a blog worked better...."
An Associated Press article in The Washington Post reports on a national financial literacy survey of young people conducted by Lewis Mandell, professor of finance and managerial economics. The survey, which is conducted every two years, showed once again that despite the attention being focused on personal finance and economics, young people don't know much about how money works.
An article in the Christian Science Monitor on postmodern confusion over what it means to be "manly" quotes Elayne Rapping, professor of American studies, who said "We are seeing a lot of books and articles by men [saying] they feel confident with a return to older, more traditional roles."
An article distributed by Bloomberg news service on protests supporting looser immigration laws quotes Teresa Miller, professor of law, who said "The current congressional debate over legislation criminalizing illegal, and overwhelmingly Hispanic, immigration reflects American anxiety over the 'browning' of the U.S. due to Mexican and Latino immigration over the past 40 years. This is a critical period for Hispanics and their future in America."
An article in the Philadelphia Inquirer on a new medicated patch for children with ADHD reports William Pelham, professor of psychology and pediatrics, conducted two trials of the patch.
A business column distributed by the Associated Press reports that Alfred Guiffrida, adjunct instructor of industrial and systems engineering, and Rakesh Nagi, professor of industrial and systems engineering, have formulated a method to quantify "managerial neglect." The article was picked up by more than 35 outlets, including The Washington Post.