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PubMed Central, Figure 3: PLoS Pathog. 2014 Dec; 10(12): e1004540. Published online 2014 Dec 4. doi:  10.1371/journal.ppat.1004540
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Figure 3

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Bacterial binding to saliva and glycoconjugates, and bacterium-mediated hemagglutination.

(A and B) Binding of DL1 vs. DL1Δhsa against immobilized whole human saliva, salivary ductal secretions, isolated and purified glycoproteins and related glycoconjugates, was tested by a dot blot assay. The binding was studied in the presence of EDTA (A) or divalent cations (B). (C–F) Bacterium-mediated hemagglutination using human RBCs and two-fold serial diluted bacterial suspensions. (C and D) DL1- and DL1Δhsa-mediated hemagglutination using non-sialidase treated (Ø) RBCs. (E and F) DL1- and DL1Δhsa-mediated hemagglutination using sialidase treated (S) RBCs.

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