Characterization of a novel coronavirus associated with severe acute respiratory syndrome

…, M Olsen-Rasmussen, R Fouchier, S Günther… - …, 2003 -
... Teresa CT Peret1,; Cara Burns1,; Thomas G. Ksiazek1,; Pierre E. Rollin1,; Anthony Sanchez1,;
Stephanie Liffick1,; Brian Holloway1,; Josef Limor1,; Karen McCaustland1,; Melissa
Olsen-Rasmussen1,; Ron Fouchier3,; Stephan Günther4,; Albert DME Osterhaus3,; Christian ...

[HTML][HTML] The X-ray observatory Suzaku

…, T Kohmura, M Kokubun, T Kotani… - Publications of the …, 2007 -
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Efficient diffuse function‐augmented basis sets for anion calculations. III. The 3‐21+ G basis set for first‐row elements, Li–F

T Clark, J Chandrasekhar… - Journal of …, 1983 - Wiley Online Library
294 Efficient Diffuse Function- Augmented Basis Sets for Anion Calculations. III.* The 3-21+G
Basis Set for First-Row Elements, Li-F ... The relatively small diffuse function-augmented basis set,
3-21+G, is shown to describe anion geome- tries and proton affinities adequately. ...

[HTML][HTML] Trastuzumab after adjuvant chemotherapy in HER2-positive breast cancer

…, M Dowsett, CH Barrios, G Steger… - … England Journal of …, 2005 - Mass Medical Soc
... MD, Richard Bell, MD, Christian Jackisch, MD, David Cameron, MD, Mitch Dowsett, Ph.D., Carlos
H. Barrios, MD, Günther Steger, MD ... data managers, medical fellows, information-technology
specialists, and secretaries, in particular, E. Azambuja, MD, J. Bines, MD, G. Castro, MD ...

A new algorithm for metal artifact reduction in computed tomography: in vitro and in vivo evaluation after total hip replacement

…, B Jung, N Heussen, TG Flohr, RW Günther… - Investigative …, 2003 -
... Mahnken, Andreas H. MD*; Raupach, Rainer PhD†; Wildberger, Joachim E. MD*; Jung,
Bettina MD*; Heussen, Nicole PhD‡; Flohr, Thomas G. PhD†; Günther, Rolf W. MD*; Schaller,
Stefan PhD†. Article Outline. Collapse Box Author Information. ...

Clinical utility of urinary antigen detection for diagnosis of community-acquired, travel-associated, and nosocomial legionnaires' disease

…, B Abraham, V Gaia, TG Harrison - Journal of clinical …, 2003 - Am Soc Microbiol
... Clin. Microbiol. Rev. 15:506-526. Abstract/FREE Full Text. ↵ Formica, N., M. Yates, M. Beers,
J. Carne, G. Hogg, N. Ryan, and G. Tallis. 2001. ... J. Clin. Microbiol. 35:2841-2845. Abstract/FREE
Full Text. ↵ Helbig, JH, SA Uldum, PC Lück, and TG Harrison. 2001. ...

Search for the Standard Model Higgs boson in e+ e− collisions at s≈ 192–209 GeV

…, E Gross, J Grunhaus, M Gruwe, PO Günther… - Physics Letters B, 2001 - Elsevier
... M Gruwé h ,; PO Günther c ,; A Gupta i ,; C Hajdu ac ,; GG Hanson l ,; K Harder y ,; A Harel u ,;
M Harin-Dirac d ,; M Hauschild h ,; CM Hawkes a ,; ... N Kanaya w ,; J Kanzaki w ,; G Karapetian
r ,; D Karlen f ,; V Kartvelishvili p ,; K Kawagoe w ,; T Kawamoto w ,; RK Keeler z ,; RG ...

Squalenes, phytanes and other isoprenoids as major neutral lipids of methanogenic and thermoacidophilic “archaebacteria”

TG Tornabene, TA Langworthy, G Holzer… - Journal of Molecular …, 1979 - Springer
... LLL~ R ' M, ~TII PI~)~IN SHF.A]]qS C~, C31#32 C20 + C40 EFHLRS SACCULUS 0]2 , 014 ,_
016 ,_ 0/8 t LIO S~ Fig. ... 83 Tornabene, TG, Langworthy, TA (1979). Science, 203, 51-53 Tornabene,
TG, Wolfe, RS , Balch, WE, Holzer, G., Fox, GE, Oro, J. (1978). J. Mol. Evol. ...

Iso-and anteiso-branched glycerol diethers of the thermophilic anaerobe Thermodesulfotobacterium commune

…, G Holzer, JG Zeikus, TG Tornabene - Systematic and Applied …, 1983 - Elsevier
... Naturwissenschaften 66, 522-523 (1979) Fox, GE, Stackenbrandt, E., Hespell, RB, Gibson, t.,
Maniloff, t.. Dyer, TA, Wolfe, RS, Balch, WE, Tanner, RS, Magrum, L.]., Zabler, LB, Blakemore,
R., Gupta, R ... 17, 45-77 (1982b) Langworthy, TA, Tornabene, TG, Holzer, G.: Lipids of ...