[PDF][PDF] Genetic polymorphism of MUC7: allele frequencies and association with asthma

HJ Kirkbride, JG Bolscher, K Nazmi… - European Journal of …, 2001 - researchgate.net
MUC7 encodes a small salivary mucin, previously called MG2, a glycoprotein with a putative
role in facilitating the clearance of oral bacteria. The central domain of this glycoprotein was
previously shown to comprise five or six tandemly repeated units of 23 amino-acids which

Polymorphism of human mucin genes in chest disease: possible significance of MUC2

LE Vinall, JC Fowler, AL Jones… - American journal of …, 2000 - Am Thoracic Soc
Most of the genes that encode epithelial mucins are highly polymorphic due to variations in
the length of domains of tandemly repeated (TR) coding sequence, the part of the apomucin
that is heavily glycosylated. We report here for the first time a difference in the distribution of

MUC7 gene expression and genetic polymorphism

AR Biesbrock, LA Bobek, MJ Levine - Glycoconjugate journal, 1997 - Springer
Abstract This study examined differential expression of several mucin genes in the human
submandibular gland and trachea, MUC7 tissue and species specificity, and MUC7 genetic
polymorphism. Mucin gene expression examined by RT-PCR indicated that MUC1, MUC4

[HTML][HTML] MUC7 haplotype analysis: results from a longitudinal birth cohort support protective effect of the MUC7* 5 allele on respiratory function

K Rousseau, LE Vinall, SL Butterworth… - Annals of human …, 2006 - Wiley Online Library
Summary The mucin MUC7 is a glycoprotein that plays a role in bacterial clearance and has
candidacidal activity. There are two common allelic forms with 5 or 6 tandem repeats (TR) of
a 23 amino acid motif within the highly glycosylated (mucin) domain. The MUC7* 5 allele

MUC7 polymorphisms are associated with a decreased risk of a diagnosis of asthma in an African American population

AM Watson, WM Ngor, H Gordish-Dressman… - Journal of Investigative …, 2009 - jim.bmj.com
Purpose Mucin glycoproteins contribute to lung pathophysiology in asthma. The protein
backbone of mucin glycoproteins is encoded by specific MUC genes, which exhibit a high
degree of polymorphisms that generate a variable number of tandem repeat (VNTR)

Structural features of the human salivary mucin, MUC7

TL Gururaja, N Ramasubbu, P Venugopalan… - Glycoconjugate …, 1998 - Springer
Human salivary mucin (MUC7) is characterized by a single polypeptide chain of 357 aa.
Detailed analysis of the derived MUC7 peptide sequence reveals five distinct regions or
domains:(1) an N-terminal basic, histatin-like domain which has a leucine-zipper

Variable number tandem repeat polymorphism of the mucin genes located in the complex on 11p15. 5

LE Vinall, AS Hill, P Pigny, WS Pratt, N Toribara… - Human genetics, 1998 - Springer
Abstract A family of four genes that encode major secreted mucins (MUC6, MUC2, MUC5AC
and MUC5B) map to within 400kb on chromosome 11p15. 5. These genes contain long
stretches of tandem repeats of sequence that encode serine-and threonine-rich domains but

Association of ulcerative colitis with rare VNTR alleles of the human intestinal mucin gene, MUC3

K Kyo, M Parkes, Y Takei, H Nishimori… - Human molecular …, 1999 - academic.oup.com
Abstract Ulcerative colitis (UC), a common form of inflammatory bowel disease, is a
multifactorial disorder with significant genetic influence. Recently, evidence of linkage on
chromosome 7q near the intestinal mucin gene MUC3 was reported by an affected sib-pair

Structure and chromosomal localization of the human salivary mucin gene, MUC7

LA Bobek, J Liu, SNJ Sait, TB Shows, YA Bobek… - Genomics, 1996 - Elsevier
We have isolated and characterized several MUC7 genomic clones encoding the human
low-molecular-weight salivary mucin, MG2. The MUC7 gene spans∼ 10.0 kb and comprises
of three exons and two introns. Intron 1 is∼ 1.7 kb long and is located in the 5′-

[PDF][PDF] MUC1 gene polymorphism in the gastric carcinogenesis pathway

F Silva, F Carvalho, A Peixoto, M Seixas… - European journal of …, 2001 - academia.edu
MUC1 like most mucin genes shows extensive length polymorphism in the central core
region. In a previous study it was shown that individuals with small MUC1 alleles/genotypes
have an increased risk for development of gastric carcinoma. Our aim was to see if MUC1