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  1. Nov 18

    Questions about NCBI’s clinical resources? We’ll be at Booth 706 from 9am-1:30pm today.

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    Nov 17

    Medical Genetics Summaries (MGS) at has free articles on pharmacogenetics. Visit booth 706 to meet staff and learn more! 

  3. Nov 17

    Join us at 10:45 for a platform presentation “A New Allele-centric VCF File for Variants in ClinVar”

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    Nov 17

    Attend platform presentation I06, 10:45 today on 's new VCF file!

  5. Nov 17

    We’ll be at Booth 706 from 9am-4pm today. Get handouts, navigation tips & help with submissions!

  6. Nov 16

    Questions about NCBI’s clinical resources? Come see us at Booth 706 today (11:30am-7pm)!

  7. Nov 16

    See ’s poster I06 “A New Allele-centric VCF File for Variants in ClinVar” today

  8. Nov 14
    Replying to

    Please see the latest story on NCBI Insights for important details about non-human SNPs in dbSNP & dbVar & SNP variation data

  9. Nov 14
  10. Nov 14

    Improved navigation & rendering in Tree Viewer 1.7.0

  11. Nov 14
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    Nov 14

    More Twists than the Double Helix: Jim Ostell’s Surprising Path—Part 2 of 2

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    Nov 13

    How're we doing? PubMed Labs, a new experimental search interface, welcomes your feedback!

  14. Nov 13

    Sign up for our next NCBI Minute “Advanced Use of NCBI APIs for High-Throughput Analysis of Genomic Data & Metadata”

  15. Nov 13

    General questions? Need some troubleshooting help? Send us an email at!

  16. Nov 9

    Wondering about the next webinar or NCBI Minute? Check the Courses & Webinars page!

  17. Nov 9

    Join us Nov 15 for a discussion of advanced uses of NCBI APIs. Register: Read more:

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    Nov 8
  19. Nov 7

    Twelve new NCBI annotations in RefSeq for otter, oyster & more

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    Nov 7

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