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J Med Microbiol. 2001 Nov;50(11):947-51.

Characterisation of Eubacterium-like strains isolated from oral infections.

Author information

Molecular Microbial Ecology Programme, Guy's, King's and St Thomas' Dental Institute, King's College London, UK.


The genus Eubacterium currently includes a heterogeneous group of gram-positive, non-spore-forming anaerobic bacilli, many of which are slow growing, fastidious and generally unreactive in biochemical tests. As a consequence, cultivation and identification of isolates are difficult and the taxonomy of the group remains indifferent. In this study, 105 isolates from odontogenic infections, infections associated with dental implants or saliva from healthy subjects and provisionally assigned to the genus Eubacterium were subjected to phenotypic and genotypic analysis. Ninety-one of the isolates were identified as belonging to one of 14 previously described species: Atopobium parvulum (5 isolates), A. rimae (29), Bulleidia extructa (2), Cryptobacterium curtum (1), Dialister pneumosintes (1), Eubacterium saburreum (2), E. sulci (8), E. yurii subsp. yurii (1), Filifactor alocis (3), Lactobacillus uli (1), Mogibacterium timidum (13), M. vescum (6), Pseudoramibacter alactolyticus (6) and Slackia exigua (13). The remaining 14 isolates did not correspond to existing species. This study confirms the diversity of organisms provisionally assigned to the genus Eubacterium by conventional identification methods. This group of organisms is frequently isolated from oral infections but their role in the aetiology of these conditions has yet to be determined.

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