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PubMed Central, Fig. 5. : Microbiology. 2011 Nov; 157(Pt 11): 3195–3202. doi:  10.1099/mic.0.052498-0
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Fig. 5.

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Removal of lectin-binding moieties by rNanH. Fetuin at 10 µg ml−1 was incubated with increasing concentrations of rNanH (0, 0.78 and 1.5 mg ml−1) for 3 h before running on an SDS-PAGE gel, blotting onto a nitrocellulose membrane, probing with 5 µg ml−1 biotinylated SNA lectin, and visualizing with streptavidin–HRP and luminescent substrate, before incubation with X-ray film. Clostridium tetani sialidase (Cl-sia) (50 U) was used as a positive control, with asialofetuin (as-fet) and 1.5 mg rNanH ml−1 as negative controls.

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