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PubMed Central, Figure 3: Nature. 2015 Oct 1; 526(7571): 75–81. doi:  10.1038/nature15394
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PMC full text:
Nature. Author manuscript; available in PMC 2016 Apr 1.
Published in final edited form as:
Nature. 2015 Oct 1; 526(7571): 75–81.
doi:  10.1038/nature15394

Figure 3

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SV complexity at different scales

a. PSG locus with clustered SVs. Population copy-number state histograms are shown for two example SVs. b. Schemes depicting assembled complex deletions. c. Smaller-scale complex deletions identified with Pindel23. Flanking sequences are shown for reference (REF) and alternate (ALT) alleles, further to insertions at the breakpoints. Proximal stretches matching the insertion are labeled in red (forward) and green (reverse complement). Blue: insertions lacking nearby matches. d. Alignment dotplots depicting inversions (inverted sequences are in red within each dotplot). Adjacent schemes depict allelic structures for REF and ALT. e. Inversion complexity summarized.

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