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Estimation of the ED50 and Its Error by Means of Logarithmic-Probit Graph Paper.∗

LC Miller, ML Tainter - Proceedings of the society for …, 1944 -
With the increased emphasis on evaluation of all-or-none data there is need for a sound approximate
procedure for arriving at a nu- merical expression of effect such as is repre- sented by the EDs0
(the dose affecting 50% ... Of the group treated) and its standard error' ... The publication of Bliss1

Self-disclosure and liking: a meta-analytic review.

NL Collins, LC Miller - Psychological bulletin, 1994 -
Abstract 1. Self-disclosure plays a central role in the development and maintenance of
relationships. One way that researchers have explored these processes is by studying the
links between self-disclosure and liking. Using meta-analytic procedures, the present work

Openers: Individuals who elicit intimate self-disclosure.

LC Miller, JH Berg, RL Archer - Journal of Personality and Social …, 1983 -
Abstract 1. Presents an" Opener Scale" that measures the tendency to elicit intimate
disclosure from others. Data from 740 undergraduates provided evidence for the scale's
validity and reliability. In a face-to-face dyadic interaction between strangers in a laboratory

Consciousness of body: Private and public.

LC Miller, R Murphy, AH Buss - Journal of personality and social …, 1981 -
Abstract 1. A body consciousness questionnaire administered to 188 undergraduates
yielded 2 separate factors: Private (awareness of internal sensations) and Public Body
Consciousness (awareness of observable aspects of body). For each factor, norms, test–

Serum adiponectin levels are inversely associated with overall and central fat distribution but are not directly regulated by acute fasting or leptin administration in …

…, M Kontogianni, LC Miller… - The Journal of …, 2003 -
Adiponectin is an adipocyte-secreted protein that circulates in high concentrations in the
serum and acts to increase insulin sensitivity. Previous studies have shown that serum
adiponectin is inversely associated with fat mass and insulin resistance in humans and that

Coordinated antiinflammatory effects of interleukin 4: interleukin 4 suppresses interleukin 1 production but up-regulates gene expression and synthesis of interleukin 1 …

E Vannier, LC Miller… - Proceedings of the …, 1992 - National Acad Sciences
Abstract Interleukin 1 receptor antagonist (IL-1ra), a naturally occurring polypeptide with
amino acid sequence homology to interleukin 1 alpha (IL-1 alpha) and interleukin 1 beta (IL-
1 beta), prevents Escherichia coli-induced shock and death. Both IL-1 and IL-1ra are

Health of children adopted from the former Soviet Union and Eastern Europe: Comparison with preadoptive medical records

…, DE Johnson, MK Hostetter, S Iverson, LC Miller - Jama, 1997 -
Context.\p=m-\Children born in the countries of the former Soviet Union and East- ern Europe
are now a main source of international adoptions in the United States, but often little information
is available about these children prior to adoption. Objective.\p=m-\To analyze the preadoptive

The health of children adopted from Romania

DE Johnson, LC Miller, S Iverson, W Thomas… - Jama, 1992 -
Objective.\p=m-\Todetermine the medical condition of Romanian adoptees and the effects of
the Romanian orphanage system on their health. Design.\p=m-\Caseseries. Setting.\p=m-\Theinternational
adoption clinics at the University of Minnesota, Min- neapolis, and the New England Medical

Health of children adopted from China

LC Miller, NW Hendrie - Pediatrics, 2000 - Am Acad Pediatrics
Objective. Since 1989, American parents have adopted 18 846 Chinese children. This study
assesses the health and developmental status of these children after their arrival in the
United States. Patients and Methods. A total of 452 children (443 girls) in 2 groups were

Connectionism, parallel constraint satisfaction processes, and gestalt principles:(Re) introducing cognitive dynamics to social psychology

SJ Read, EJ Vanman, LC Miller - Personality and Social …, 1997 -
We argue that recent work in connectionist modeling, in particular the parallel constraint
satisfaction processes that are central to many of these models, has great importance for
understanding issues of both historical and current concern for social psychologists. We first