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Sean Urquhart
An ailing, pathetic scribe who sees no point in punting himself like a Portobello whore. Read my blog amd weep for me, pals. An utter failur

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Purgatory in Walthamstow turns joyous

Peter saved the day, as we drank our politics away in The Vic, later I threw up my tension: love/homesick. I have tried here, failed here and now I am alone once more. I chose the road, but maybe not the vehicle; the critcal hammerings, the lies, gossip and cant. I miss nothing of my...

It was an elaborate lie; I am worm meat to you now.

I have only anger left. Left in a mind filled with fear. Fear of the self, fear of the other. And yet not. I still laugh, though it is hollow and husky. i spit venom at the toilet bowl, bile on the pavement. It has been a savage and boring life. Misadventures, visited violence, Petty...

You Moved Me...Over the Treetops into the Blues and Greens

I came from the depths, fathoms beneath, depressions and deprivations, Upper Street highs, and arthritic lows. And then there was you; Us. And now we dance. I swam to the surface; gulping down Renfrewshire ozone and Dublin black beer, getting to you was easy; at least on the physical...

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