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Jennifer Kirk Nice
· May 27, 2017
My son is the first one in our family that needs braces. So this is the first orthodonist we have been to. Everyone in the office is very friendly and everything seems very organized. We are very pleased with everything so far!
Melissa Kranz
· August 8, 2016
My daughter has been going here for over two years now and we never had a problem with the braces. Until about a month ago her bracket came unglued and they tol...d me I need to get in as soon as possible because she was due to get them off soon.well needless to say we get there the next day because that was the earliest appt. and they tell her it's going to be another month before they come off.. Then she goes for a recheck and the same day the bracket comes unglued again..they tell her that she has to wait 4 days to have it re glued, and they tell us that we are supposed to pay a fee for this!! When they didn't even glue it right to begin with. So on the same night that it was supposed to be re glued the bracket comes loose again at dinner..( she only at pasta ). The staff brings you back after like a half hour after your appt. and leaves you sitting in a chair for another half hour to forty five mins. And then you may be done.. I feel like I'm being pulled around like a idiot. After spending over $6,000 to have this done. See More
LJ Anderson
· September 12, 2016
We are just getting started with braces since my 10 year old son needed some expansions beforehand. We were impressed with how they planned to tackle his comple...x adjustments. The staff has been very courteous and friendly. They've been quick to work with us on a couple of bracket issues. The appointment times have been manageable and there is a small area to keep my other three kids busy and quiet. They aren't the closest orthodontist to us but the only one that takes our insurance and after making the rounds we are pleased with the welcoming atmosphere at Dr. Falsafi's. I enjoy reading about their community involvement and the incentive/appreciation programs they have for their patients as well. See More
Grace Incorvaia
· May 29, 2016
My children have been going to this office for 2 years now and in the beginning it was great, everything was done on time and our appointment were on time and h...ardly any waiting time. I had one issue half way through the treatment when there was a turn over in the staff and I also had lost family health plus insurance and gained my own through work. During this time it took 7 months of calling and talking to several people giving them the new insurance and it never seemed to get into the computer. I then received a bill for each child that was still half the cost of the braces. I also could not make an appointment till this was all straightened out, I was not too happy. Now that the staff they have seem to be pretty well stable everything is going smooth again, one daughter just got deboned and the other one is set to be deboned in a month and half. I still go in when they have appointments and do not wait that long before they are called back. I would recommend Dr. Falsafi to another she is really a great dentist and does know her field very well. I feel she really does care and takes everyone's situation into consideration as far as the child and the financial situation. See More
Aqsa Zafar
· March 21, 2016
I am currently a patient of Dr. Falsafi and I absolutely love the way my smile is coming along. Being an adult I was very nervous whether I should go for braces... but the results I am getting are out of the world. The office has a very home like atmosphere that I would highly recommend for all ages. The staff is very helpful and kind and makes you feel your more than just a patient, which not many offices have these days. If anyone needs braces this is definitely the place where you should go!!! See More
TimandDawn Petry
· August 15, 2016
My daughter had a large gap in her teeth we didn't know what to do no parent want their child to deal with this problem we went to her first Appointment and Dr ...Falsafi told us we can fix her teeth and that they did we recommend this Doctor more then you know they are propped on there appointment witch is great we travel from Medina for our daughter to be seen by Rebecca and we will keep making this trip they are the BEST!!! See More
Amy Brown Peters
· December 6, 2014
We have been dealing with you guys for over a year and I must say it is the most unprofessional place i have ever encountered...not only were you charging our i...nsurance company on one of my kids that havent even had any work done there but everytime my other kid goes there you yell at them then proceed to mock em by asking sarcastically "well how old are you? Kids alot younger then you its acceptable but its not at your age" What "professional" person would say that to someone? If it was up to me my kids wouldnt step foot in this place again! See More
Bubuu Rose
· November 28, 2016
Ive been going to Dr. Falsafis office for three years now, and ive never complained. They make appointments to fit your personal schedule and the wait timr is a...bout 10 mins. They have a great staff. They all tried helping me to the best of their abilities and for that ill always appreciate this specific office. My front tooth has been gone since i was 8, im now 15. For three of those years this staff has been nothing but kind and well understanding with me. Im now happy to say that today was my first day without braces and i feel amazing! Finally got my confidence back. Thanks to everyone who's helped me, from replacing broken brackets to removing my braces. I honestly dont know what i wouldve done about my situation without you guys! You all deserve the best! Thanks again to Dr. Falsafi Herself fo believing this would help i truly appreciate how well you handled this. See More
LaSharie Walker
· July 13, 2016
I am currently a patient,I love that the staff is always very bubbly and welcoming to everyone including each other.I am extremely happy with the progress of my... teeth so far and it's happening so fast which makes me even more happy.Thank you Rebecca Falsafi and Staff.You all are very awesome and very appreciated . See More
Ashley McQuade
· August 16, 2016
Dr. Falsafi and her team are absolutely amazing! I've been a patient since I was 15 years old. First for my braces as a kid, and now AT 25 for invisalign. They ...have always been very professional and extremely helpful. You are always taken in on time and they are very good at getting you in and out! I would recommend Dr. Falsafi to anyone, and everyone! See More
Denise Abbey
· June 8, 2016
Today in health care it is rare to find a provider who takes the time to explain everything. The office staff are professional and what a welcoming environment. Dr. Falsafi is absolutely wonderful! She is definitely worth the time it takes to get there!
Daisy Cervantes
· September 2, 2015
My son, daughter and I... all go to Dr Falsafi because she knows what she is doing and we Love the staff. They are great with everyone of all ages & the office is always upbeat & they know how to have fun with different themes. It feels like we are part of a giant family.
Mary N Chris Shivers
· September 14, 2016
The office is always friendly. You always see a smiling face. Dr. Falsafi has gone out of her way many times for both of my teenagers. Giving discounts and just... being a helping hand in their dental work. My kids needed teeth removed and had work she was unsure of but it always worked out with her in their corner. Now their teeth are perfect. An excellent choice for ortho care. See More
Kalianna Lee
· September 29, 2015
I think that rebecca falsafi is a good dentist, you get all the work you need done on your teeth fast and your teeth come out perfect. I qould highly recommend 6161 transit rd. Dr falsafis
Laquita Johnson
· September 15, 2015
My son was treated at Dr. Rebecca falsafi office for his braces and I love the job that they did with him I would tell alot people about her and the office is real friendly place I would give them a 10 the staff She has is so helpful
Vladimir Antonovsky
· March 12, 2014
Was trying to cancel an appointment in a blizzard condition on March 12 2014 they would't let us do it and made us drive in that weather. It is a joke as it I all about $$$ and not about patient safety. Be aware!!!
Amanda Yauch
· December 21, 2016
Everyone is friendly and very helpful. They explain what is going on in the visit and what will be going on in your next visit to keep you up to date in the process. They are available quickly if anything should happen.
Gabriel Matos
· November 9, 2016
Dr. Falsafi's team is amazing. I've been a patient for the past few years and I can't express how glad I am for the treatment given to me. Everyone was incredibly helpful and always cheering and kind. Thank you for everything Dr. Falsafi and team!
Everett Vetter
· December 12, 2016
Dr. Falsafi and her staff have been amazing to me and my entire family. We've been going to her for years now!
Waylon Loveall
· April 28, 2015
I only wished everyone were lucky enough to have Dr. Falsafi in their corner she and her staff go above and beyond for the oral health and wellbeing of her patients , I recommend her to everyone !
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