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BOCA's Accomplishments

  • As members of BOCA, we are proud of our accomplishments!  Since 2004, we have led over 40 dental outreach trips both abroad and in various communities across the United States.  
  • Nearly 500 Buffalo dental students have participated in the program, joining over 25 different faculty members and residents
  • On our missions, we strive to provide the dental care most needed by a particular community. Primarily, this includes surgical extractions and restorative dental work, as well as hygiene, sealants and dental education.

By The Numbers

  • Being typical dental students, we can't ignore the statistical impact of our dental work!
  • Our current tallies indicate that we have seen 16,000 patients on outreach trips since 2004. 
  • We have performed over 8,432 dental restorations and extracted over 14,470 teeth
  • For those in private practice, this is the equivalent of over $3,856,049 in free dental work. Considering that most of our patients live in huts without heat or electricity and have no previous dental care, this is a pretty remarkable gift.


  • While the most important beneficiaries of our dental work are the patients, the dental students who attend these missions are also rewarded. 
  • They not only gain insight into lives that are often less privileged than their own, but have the opportunity to do extraordinary amounts of dental work. 
  • Depending on the trip, the average student performs between 30-60 extractions and up to 25 restorations in a week!