The awards will benefit Western New York, where there is a lack of mental health professionals and treatment resources.


Genetic associations on BMI were strongest in sedentary postmenopausal women and weakest in women who reported high levels of recreational physical activity.


Biologist Shermali Gunawardena studies ‘traffic jams’ in brain cells with the hope of unraveling the origins of disease.


Proposed biometric system measures brainwaves; creates brain password that’s ‘cancelable,’ meaning it can be reset if hacked.


UB scientists contributed to the research, which confirms predictions but leaves open prickly questions about the nature of the universe.


The residency program helps enhance the reputation of UB and Buffalo as leaders in the world of creative arts.



Three University at Buffalo experts on diversity and inclusion in athletics will participate in a forum on June 19 in the Albany Capital Center aimed at preventing sexual and interpersonal violence against sexual and gender minorities.


It’s the fifth year in a row that a UB student has been awarded this prestigious scholarship.


Two faculty members in the University at Buffalo School of Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Sciences have received the highest honors from the Pharmacists Association of Western New York.


Discovery — centered on a gene called CD36 — illuminates a process tied to the aging of cells and organisms.


Researchers at the University at Buffalo who also are affiliated with the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs published in the journal Aging results of an animal study that may be one of the first to examine how low levels of vitamin D affect physical performance over the long term. 


Therapeutic agent has potential to help Type 2 diabetes patients regulate blood sugar and lose weight.


Scientists have improved the performance of magnetic nanoparticles designed to roast and destroy tumors.


Study finds the grain an ideal and safe contrast agent for diagnosing swallowing disorders.


Like the state animal of New York, the rover-like vehicle uses surroundings to build complex structures, overcome obstacles.


UB launched the tradition of holding white coat ceremonies in the 1990s to symbolize that humanism remains at the core of all medical care.


The research will examine the health of the communities near the plant.


Researchers have found that adding liraglutide to insulin treatment for patients with Type 1 diabetes results not only in better blood sugar control but simultaneous improvements in blood pressure, body weight and the amount of insulin patients need to take.



The University at Buffalo will end its sponsorship of the Linda Yalem Safety Run due to declining participation in an increasingly competitive local race market.


High school and college students from across the nation will get a glimpse of the pharmacy profession at the third annual University at Buffalo Pharmacy Summer Institute for High School and College Students.