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 PatientsGive UB a Smile Day     December 1, 2015  

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University at Buffalo
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Phone: (716) 829-2824

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Give UB a Smile Day

Before completing the registration process for the Give UB a Smile Day at the School of Dental Medicine on February 18, 2012, please be aware of the following:

  1. Your dental examination, cleaning and bite-wing x-rays, if needed, will be provided at no cost to you.
  2. Appointment times will be approximately 1½ hours.
  3. If your medical doctor requires you to be pre-medicated with antibiotics before a dental procedure, please follow your medical doctor’s instructions and have him/her provide a prescription for the medication. Antibiotics will NOT be dispensed on-site.
  4. If you require additional dental care, you will have the option to become a registered patient of the UB School of Dental Medicine. For further information about Becoming a Patient, please click on the following link and view the Patient Orientation Video.
  5. Directions to the UB School of Dental Medicine can be found at THIS LINK.

Please note that patient parking is available in close proximity to the UB School of Dental Medicine and that patient parking permits are not required on weekends.


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