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DDS Program



Computing Initiatives in the Clinic and Beyond

If a school's level of IT (information technology) sophistication is important to you, you will be comfortable at UB. The School of Dental Medicine is regarded as a world leader in dental informatics.

Our electronic clinic-information system supports students, faculty, and staff by managing data about appointments, treatment plans, patient encounters, patient progress, and student evaluation. Other IT-related resources include the school’s intranet website, online board-review sessions, and a student-managed website.

Beginning in 2001, the school added notebook computers to the incoming first-year class instrument/supply purchase. These computers are used for accessing first-year coursework, textbooks, and related learning materials, most of which are available on DVD.

Another aspect of the school's IT leadership is reflected in its development of software for use by other health-professions schools. More than forty health-professions schools use admissions- and curriculum-management software developed by our staff. In 2000, we released new online course-assessment software for "real-time" evaluation of teaching programs.

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