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DDS Program



DDS Program - First Year

The major focus of the first-year program is the acquisition of a thorough understanding of normal function of all organ systems. This serves as the basis for the understanding of abnormal development and pathology, which are presented later in the curriculum. First-year students advance through a rigorous sequence of basic science courses that includes gross anatomy, biochemistry, neuroanatomy, physiology, histology, oral histology, oral anatomy, and embryology. Each of these courses is designed both to provide basic science information directly relevant to the practice of dentistry and to develop the broad understanding of normal form and function necessary for all health-care professionals providing patient care. Many of these courses are presented only to dental students; some lectures are simultaneously presented to both medical and dental students. Dental and medical students are separated for all associated laboratory sessions. While some lectures are presented to both medical and dental students, dental students are enrolled in separate courses with separate course directors and examinations. The UB School of Dental Medicine utilizes a traditional "A" through "F" grading system. The UB School of Medicine and Biomedical Sciences uses an "H," "S," "U" system.

Clinical Experience

First-year students take two courses each semester that complement the basic-science focus of the first-year curriculum and begin the clinical training process.

Clinical Dentistry I provides an introduction to patient examination techniques, normal function, and the principles of preventive dentistry. First-year students spend one afternoon each week gaining introductory clinical experience using each other as patients. In the spring semester, a combined preclinical laboratory and clinical experience in periodontics prepares students for patient care in the second-year program.

In addition to the initial clinical experience, students also participate in a two-semester preclinical laboratory course that introduces the materials, instrumentation, and laboratory procedures that will be important in the second-year preclinical courses.


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