2014-2015 Required Textbooks for the Predoctoral Program


On July 17th, 2013 the School of Dental Medicine discontinued offering a package of selected textbook titles in electronic format via a specialized book reader software program for its incoming students. This decision was reached after continuing concern of the growing cost of the program for students.  The transition out of the program will occur until June of 2016.

Beginning with the Class of 2017, incoming students accepted into our Pre-doctoral program will self-select the format for their required textbooks. Please note It remains the student's responsibility to purchase ALL required textbooks for the 4-year program.  The cost of required textbooks is not included on your tuition bill, however it is included in the Financial Aid budget for all students. Please refer to the separate pages below for textbook tiles by class.

 University Medical BookstoreThe store is located at South Campus in the lower level of Harriman Hall, Rm. 20- (across from the student lounge). They will have our required textbooks available there soon for purchase. They can help you with books you wish to purchase in any format, electronic or hardcopy and condition (new or used).

Additional notes and links to other textbooks in the Predoc Curriculum:

  1. Clinical Key: available FREE through our UBlibraries and HUBNET.  Clinical Key is ebook software designed by Elsevier to support Elsevier published items only. Choose Books to see the listings for Dental textbooks. NOTE: You will need to create an account with Clinical Key to receive full access to all services. You will be prompted to login with your UBIT information if you are connecting from off campus. As of 7/2014,  there are 15 textbooks from the total required textbook listing of textbooks in the pre-doctoral curriculum.

  2. Hospitals and University at Buffalo Library Resources Network (HUBNET):- contains databases and links to other electronic resources, textbooks and references specific for the medical/health science community at UB./supplemental material on reserve at their discretion. 

  3. The Health Sciences Library (HSL): The HSL is located behind Squire Hall on South Campus. Please note that faculty may also put additional articles/supplemental material on reserve at their discretion. 
  4. UBlearns - Please note you may access the libraries from the "UBLIbraries Tab" when you login to UBlearns, powered by Blackboard.