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 Community OutreachBoca Sana Cuerpo Sano     June 26, 2016  

Boca Sano Cuerpo Sano

This outreach program, which began in 2004, assesses the oral health needs of the Hispanic population of Buffalo, provides health promotion, education and oral cancer screening to an at-risk population and exposes SDM students to the cultural diversity of the Hispanic community. The program was established to address and overcome the access to care, economic and social barriers that impede this community from seeking care at our institution or at other sites. To establish a program of such magnitude, an amalgamation of community leaders and non-profit organizations was necessary and a subsequent collaboration with Judge Mattina Community Health Center was established. The program allows the SDM to meet the educational needs of our students as well as reinforce the social, ethical and cultural standards in the dental community.

This is the only oral health outreach program currently serving the Buffalo Hispanic population and provides a critical linkage to dental services and an improvement of oral health as recommended by Healthy People 2010.

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