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 About the SchoolInformation TechnologyOIR Services     January 22, 2017  

Mr. Gunther Kohn
Chief Information Officer

University at Buffalo
State University of New York
School of Dental Medicine
108 Squire Hall
Buffalo, NY 14214

Phone: (716) 829-2057
FAX: (716) 829-2294



Office of Information Resources

Information Technology Services

In order to fulfill our mission, the following services are provided by OIR in partnership with the University’s computing and information technology office and through close consultation with our customers:

Network and User Services

  • Network, computer and application support to Faculty, Staff and Students.
  • Design and Support Clinic Management\PACS systems
  • Facilitate warranty repairs for student owned computers, while loaning them a computer for coursework.
  • Maintain a 24/7 computer lab equipped with both apple and windows computers.
  • Electronic curriculum incorporating eBooks, online testing and audience response systems.
  • Hardware and Software Recommendations and assist in facilitating purchases.
  • Audio\Video support via the use of S.M.A.R.T technology for presentations.

Clinic Helpdesk (105 Squire)

  • Provide Picasso database support for students, faculty and staff relating to clinic treatment progress reporting, clinic support functions, business office and billing processes and academic grading.
  • Provide MiPACs support related to digital radiography and its data storage, including radiographic repair.
  • Provide ordering and distribution of ordering and stocking of clinic supplies (that are related to Information Resources services).
  • Operate walk-in support center (for all of the above) in 105 Squire Hall each clinic day continuously from 8 a.m. through 4:30 p.m.
  • Provide ‘SOS’ priority support in-clinic for technical problems impacting current patient appointments each clinic day continuously from 8 a.m. through 4:30 p.m.
  • Provide prioritized in-clinic support for newly-introduced technical products and processes.
  • Conduct student, faculty and staff training related to Picasso, MiPACs and other Clinic Information Management Systems products – scheduled within individualized sessions as well as regularly-scheduled orientation and course recitation sections.

IT Operations

  • Provide adhoc management, financial, educational and QA reporting on request and based on the clinic database.
  • Provide reporting and data extraction services related to research requests.
  • Provide process engineering support based on new clinic or educational products and objectives.
  • Conduct batch data updates and auditing related to clinic reorganization processes, business office records updates and academic promotions.
  • Conduct batch data updates and auditing related to updated code sets (ADA, CDT, ICD) and financial information (fee schedules, Medicaid, Insurance).

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